VIDEO & PICS: Couple Caught Having Sex In Broad Daylight Near Dumpsters

St. Patrick's Day celebrations came early for these students who were busted getting down and dirty by a Delaware dumpster. Cops in Newark are hunting the duo caught on camera enjoying an inappropriate sex fest in broad daylight on Saturday  [Mar. 15] afternoon.

Romping away, the couple at first appeared unawares that their romantic tryst was being filmed by passersby. But they soon pulled away, and zipped up, after realizing they were being watched.

Footage of the incident, in the rear parking lot of the Galleria Building on Main Street, was uploaded to YouTube. It's since gone viral - and the police are investigating the pair on suspicion of lewd conduct.

A Newark Police spokesman said the couple was "engaging in sexual intercourse in public in plain view of numerous passersby”.

The man is described as being college-aged and with brown hair. He was last seen wearing a green button down shirt, khaki pants and brown boots. The woman is also of college-age, with blonde hair and was wearing a green short sleeve t-shirt, jean shorts, brown cowboy boots and glasses.



Somebody found a pot of gold yesterday behind the dumpsters 😂😂😂 #stpattys #grottos #ud #newark #stayclassy by @mikethemagicwand

I guess shit got real this weekend behind Grottos on main street. If anyone knows these people give them a high five for me. #grottos #ud #universityofdelaware #delaware #skanks #dumpstersluts5 by @rucinskimc

"Mom, I'm pregnant! I don't know how it happened.." #repost #stpattys #stayclassy #delaware #grottos by @nick_tolton

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  1. This people are really crazy. Modernization/civilization they call it. Humans gradually becoming animals. Charles welcome back. I didnt know you are back since you shut down...

    1. People have been having sex in public places since before civilization so im not sure what your point is.

  2. Lol looks like she is putting it in for him

  3. Appropriate venue behind the dumpsties!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Very late reply, but........ I wonder if it's going to be a dumpster baby?


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