VIDEO: Keagan & Talia Having Sex In Big Brother Africa Stargame House

Kealia’s Intimate Moment in The Shower
Aug 3 - Keagan gave Talia FIVE banging rounds of sex?...And Talia telling Keagan ''this is too much, there are freaking cameras everywhere''.

Really, was Talia not cheating on Seydou, the Angolan rep?
VIDEO: (Uploaded By BBA on Aug 4 On Its BBVIP Section, Pls Note - I recorded this Video with my Mobile Phone Via my Laptop) 

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  1. Download link for Mobile users. Please

  2. I believe keagan pumped her from behind as she laid on her side. That was one round of awesome sex.

  3. excellentpost I'm a massive Big Brother fan from Norway

  4. Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.@Bonnie.

  5. DAT shower sees a lot hey


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