Friday, September 30, 2011

Cab Driver Sews His Mouth Shut After Being Fired Following Conviction For Assaulting Woman Passenger

A cab driver has sewn his mouth shut as a protest after being fired following his conviction for assaulting a woman passenger. Hassan Hoviat-Doust, 43, has been staging a hunger strike outside Bristol Magistrates' Court since 10am on Monday.Hoviat-Doust - who cannot speak because of the thick cotton thread binding his lips together - wrote on a piece of paper: 'I am a taxi driver who was wrongly convicted of common assault and I have lost my job.
'I have been on hunger strike since my protest started at 10.40am on September 26.
'I am here because none of my evidence was considered by the court even though it was strong.'
Asked why he had stitched his mouth shut, he wrote: 'If you have no right to speak, you have no right to defence.' 

Hoviat-Doust has lost his taxi driver's licence as a result of the conviction and is now unable to support his 16-month-old son and wife, who is 19 weeks pregnant

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It Must Be Love: Joke Silva & Olu Jacobs Renew Marriage Vows On Joke’s 50th Birthday

It wasn't just a birthday Golden Jubilee celebration for the living legendary Joke Silva but a celebration of Love...The venue was the Freedom Park on Lagos Island, where the celebrity couple elegant Joke Silva and veteran Olu Jacobs renewed their wedding vows at yesterday, Thursday 29th September 2011.
The officiating pastor remarked, "A celebration of love", he also prayed that what God has began in their lives would be perfected. (I say A Big Amen To This Prayer). "We know the industry they are in, and God has given them the grace to still be together," the minister said before declaring them the newest couple in town.
The couple didn't go the cliche way of wearing the same outfit: Joke wore a floral black and white  maxi, while Olu chose a cream 'Buba and Sokoto'. Joke later wore an embellished African print gown for the reception. Guests were treated with a stage play titled 'The Naming Ceremony" directed by Tosin Otudeko and written by Sefiu Atta exclusively for the event.

'Mother Of Hip Hop' Sylvia Robinson Dies At 76

Sylvia Robinson, the woman some call the mother of hip-hop, has died at 76.
The singer-songwriter passed away today of congestive heart failure at the New Jersey Institute of Neuroscience in Seacaucus, N.J.
She hit with the sexually charged Pillow Talk but was later known as one of hip-hop's early founders as the record label owner that put out Rapper's Delight, rap's first mainstream success.

Along with her late husband, Joe, Robinson was the owner of Sugar Hill Records. In 1979, it released the song that would become widely known as rap's first hit, "Rapper's Delight," by the Sugar Hill Gang.
The song was released as hip-hop was just beginning to emerge as a genre; for the most part, it was a budding phenomenon bubbling on New York City streets. Robinson recognized the potential of the music and wanted her struggling label to capitalize on it.
'She saw where a DJ was talking and the crowd was responding to what he was saying, and this was the first time she ever saw this before,' her son Joey said in a 2000 interview with NPR.
'And she sad Joey, wouldn't this be a great idea to make a rap record?'
It turned out she was right. After gathering three rappers (Master Gee, Wonder Mike and Big Bank Hank) to record the 15-minute song, the party groove became a sensation. 
The condensed version was considered the first rap song to get radio play and reached the top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.
The Sugar Hill Gang faded into rap history, not recording other songs that would match its original flourish. 
But Sugar Hill Records would continue to play a part on the early years of hip-hop with a roster that included Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.
Robinson's roots in the record industry were deep. She was a blues singer in the 1950s, recording for Columbia and Savoy Records on songs like Chocolate Candy Blues. Later, she was part of the duo Mickey & Sylvia.
But she had perhaps her biggest hit as a solo artist with Pillow Talk, a seductive song released in 1973. Robinson, who was born Sylvia Vanterpool, was also a producer and songwriter for others.
She is survived by three sons and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
May her soul Rest in peace...

New Movie…"Two Brides And A Baby" - True Life Story Of Mercy Johnson?

Obviously Mercy Johnson Was One Of The Two Brides
Just Before Her Wedding To  Prince Odianosen Okojie
Come the 17th of November 2011, Two Brides And A Baby, a new movie starring Mercy Johnson as one of lead acts premieres.
In anticipation of the movie which has already garnered 12 nominations at the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON), the grapevine has been agog over the similarity in the story line and the incidents leading to the recent wedding of sultry actress Mercy Johnson.
Those in the know have sworn that it is the true life story of Mercy Johnson who recently wedded Prince Odianosen Okojie amidst controversies.
Prince and Mrs Mercy Johnson Odianosen Okojie
The uncanny  resemblance between the female lead Keche played by Keira Hewatch and Mercy Johnson coupled with the sequence of the unfolding drama they claimed,  makes it too much of a coincidence.
Contacted, the movie producer, Blessing Effiom Egbe, she declined commenting on the issue, saying movie lovers would have to wait to see the movie to confirm their curiosity.

Lady Evangelist Juliana Olaide Obey-Fabiyi To Be Buried Today

Lady Evangelist Juliana Olaide Obey-Fabiyi

TWENTY days after the burial of the Lady of songs, Chief (Mrs.) Christy Essien-Igbokwe, the entertainment industry and indeed the nation will again bid farewell to the wife of Juju musician-turned-evangelist, Dr. Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi, Lady Evangelist Juliana Olaide Obey-Fabiyi, who died on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.
She will be laid to rest today at the husband’s compound in GRA, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital after a funeral service at the Bishop’s Court, Ibara, Abeokuta at 10.00 a.m.
Entertainment of guests is expected to take place at OK Centre, Ibara, Abeokuta.
Activities marking the burial began on Tuesday with a commendation service at Decross Gospel Mission, Dopemu, Lagos. That was followed by a Service of Songs/Praise Altar at the Bishop’s Court, Onikolobo, Abeokuta yesterday.
Lady Evangelist Juliana Olaide Obey-Fabiyi, 67, died in the early hours of August 23, 2011 at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), in Ikeja, Lagos. 

May Her Soul Rest In Peace...

Thief...£70,000/Week Man United Goalie David De Gea Caught Stealing £1.19 Doughnut At Tesco

David de Gea Screaming for more Doughnuts?
Super-rich Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has been caught pinching a £1.19 ($2) doughnut, according to UK newspaper The Sun.
The Spaniard, 20, was quizzed by security staff after he scoffed an Original Glazed ring treat from a Krispy Kreme cabinet at a store in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.
De Gea was hauled up after being captured on CCTV helping himself to the treat but escaped a penalty.

The sticky-fingered stopper, thought to be on £70,000 (~$120,000) a week, wolfed down the doughnut in the magazine aisle.
But as he headed for the exit without paying, he was tackled by security staff, one of whom spoke fluent Spanish.
They took the keeper, signed from Atletico Madrid in the summer in an $30 million deal, to the store's 'stop and search' room.
They made it clear he had made a right howler by giving him a hairdryer treatment that would have made United boss Sir Alex Ferguson proud.
De Gea strode into the Tesco Extra with two Spanish pals.
A source said: "They weren't very subtle. They swaggered in chatting loudly in Spanish.

Gimmie More....
"The security guards who monitor the CCTV watched two of them take a doughnut each out of the Krispy Kreme cabinet.
"Incredibly, they then appeared to try to leave without paying, or buying anything else for that matter."
The source said that when challenged and ushered into the search room, de Gea did not seem to know what was going on and "looked pretty embarrassed".
Last night a Tesco spokesman said: "A customer was spoken to by our security team and the issue was resolved."
Police were not called and no further action was taken.
Tesco has a strict policy of a three-month store ban for alleged shoplifters. 
De Gea is regarded as the best young goalkeeper in Europe and was part of the Spain Under-21 team that won this year's European Championship.
His United career got off to a shaky start but he has recently begun to impress with some fine saves.
Sir Alex is fully behind his star signing. He said of de Gea earlier this month: "He's 20 years of age and doesn't know the culture of the country.
"That's a lot to deal with but he has shown great composure about the whole thing.
"He's not got himself flapping about the goalmouth. I think he's absolutely outstanding. The boy is tremendous."

Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Homosexuality: Nigerian Senate Bans Same Sex Marriage…Offenders To Be Fined

Unlike some parts of Europe and United States where same sex marriage is legally permitted between homosexuals and lesbians, the Nigerian Government has condemned it, saying that the practice is immoral and ungodly.

Information gathered from the bill passed today by the 
Nigeria Senate (upper house of parliament), anyone who contract same marriage would be arrested and charged to court. The punishment attracts jail term. Anyone seen to have also encouraged such marriage would also be punished jailed but with an option of N50,000 as fine.

President Goodluck Jonathan will have to sign the bill before it can finally become law. Those in the know strongly believe that Nigerian president will not think twice before signing it into law

Rio Ferdinand Loses Privacy Bid Over 'Kiss-And-Tell' Exposé Of 13-Year 'Affair' With Interior Designer

The article claimed that Rio Ferdinand (pictured with his wife Rebecca Ellison)
ended the relationship with Carly Storey within days of being handed t
he England skipper's armband in February 2010
The Manchester United player accused the Sunday Mirror of misusing private information after it published an interview with interior designer Carly Storey, who was paid £16,000 to disclose details of their relationship.
However, Mr Justice Nicol dismissed the claim, ruling in favour of the newspaper's right to freedom of expression and questioning Ferdinand's suitability for the role of captain.
The married footballer had admitted that on occasions he had sneaked Miss Storey into a hotel where he and other members of his team were staying.

British Govt Seized Nigerian Couple’s Six Children

Six children, including an infant of a Nigerian couple are in the custody of British authorities, because the British Police insist the children are not biological children of the couple.
The five minors were said to have been whisked away by the men of the Haringey Police to the Sharon Fair Haringey Social Service on June 12, 2010, after they had stormed the Norwich Park Hospital, where the woman claimed she had given birth to the last child, who is also in custody of the police.

Chiwar and Gloria Musa, who claim to be parents of the children, were said to have been reported to the London Borough of Haringey by one Alexandra Constantinou, on the ground that the mother is a sex worker, and that the children had different fathers.
But Chiwar told this reporter that a DNA test revealed that the six children namely; Abraham, Blessing, Sarah, Lerato, Favour and Queen are children of the couple, contrary to the report made to the Police by Constantinou.

An official of the Nigerian High Commission, who sought anonymity, confirmed that the matter was being considered by the Commission in London. The couple’s petition, dated August 13, 2011, and addressed to the British government to intervene, read in part: “With a sorrowful heart, I wish to bring to your notice the bizarre, unthinkable, and worrisome act perpetrated by the men of the Haringey Police and Sharon Fair Haringey social service who invaded Norwich Park Hospital, unleashed mayhem and abducted a new born baby from her unsuspecting mother. This atrocity was meted out against me and my new born baby, Queen Elizabeth, at Norwich Park Hospital, at about 3a.m on June 12, 2010.

“Regretable, painful and inhuman as it were, the action of the police did not only cause pandemonium, discomfort, unnecessary tension, and embarrassment to the patients and staff of the hospital, it revealed a Haringey that is Devilish in character and lacking in human feeling, insouciant in her approach to assigned duties, amateurish in style, brutish in operation, and dastardly in her acts of executing a hidden agenda that runs counter to westernised forms of civility in police modus operandi. It is unbelievable that a country like the U.K, highly respected as an icon of democracy with commendable human rights records could stoop so low to authorise police to perpetrate acts that are antithetical and inimical to the course she goes all out to protect”.

Mr. Chiwar claimed that, “My family has done practically nothing to deserve this painful and unwarranted suppression. Five of my children were, without cogent reason, abducted by eight policemen from Haringey, and while the case for their release is still being battled, nine policemen, again, in an unprovoked attack, swooped on me and my new born baby in the hospital, seizing the baby, thereby denying it of its right to natural love, breastfeeding and care by its biological parents. This is injustice of the highest order to me, my family in general and the new born baby in particular.”

A letter addressed to a senior official of the Nigerian High Commission in London, Mr. M.M.B. Aliyu, by a British columnist with the Sunday Telegraph, Christopher Booker dated 17th August 2011, which read in part: “Since last June, as a columnist with the Sunday Telegraph, I have been following, very closely, the case of Chiwar and Gloria Musa, Nigerian citizens whose six children were last year taken from them by social workers of Haringey council.

“Not only have I followed on a regular basis what ensued from their loss of their children, but I have also been made familiar with many papers relating to the case. It has been quite clear to me that Haringey council was very seriously misled over the evidence on which it originally tore this family apart. On the basis of hearsay, they were under the impression that Mrs. Musa was a ‘sex worker’ and that the six children were all from different fathers”.

The letter added that “Impressions could not have been more mistaken. Mrs. Musa is, in fact, a respected Christian preacher and an author of several books. Mr. Musa is a respectable businessman. DNA tests on the parents and children confirmed that Mr. Musa was the father of all of them”.
But, in a turn of events, the correspondent is said to have subsequently changed her report to suit the line of action of the Haringey police, that the children did not wish to come home. The oldest child, according to the alleged author of the handwritten letter, had not been seen by her parents since August or by her brother and sisters for several months. There are considerable grounds for disquiet as to what may have happened to her.

 In my opinion, this looks a happy family....

You Can Sign A Petition To Send the Musa Family back Home to Nigeria - WITH their Children!....Please Sign Here

Joke Silva Clocks 50 Today…Happy Birthday To A Living Legend Of The Nigerian Film Industry

Award-winning veteran Nigerian actress and director Joke Silva clocks 50 today, September 29, 2011 and the celebrated screen goddess will be celebrating her golden age at a party put together for her by friends and colleagues.

Joke is a household name in the world of Nigeria cinema. Since the early eighties, she has carved out a successful career as an actress on stage, film, television and radio primarily in Nigeria and England (BBC, British Film Institute, Royal Court Theatre Sloan Sq) and the South of France. Her acting credits include “SECRET LAUGHTER OF WOMEN” with Nia Long and Colin Firth (’97 Film), MIRROR IN THE SUN (’84 TV), SECOND CHANCE (’84 TV), JERO’S METAMORPHOSIS (’81 Stage), OWURO LOJO (’93 Video), MIND BENDING (’92 TV), SISTERS (2002 Stage), THE KING MUST DANCE NAKED (’93 Stage), TIGHT ROPE (2000 – 2002 TV), TWINS OF THE RAINFOREST (’98 Film), THE KINGMAKER (2002 Video), A HUSBAND’S WIFE (2003 Stage), BRAVE HEART (2003 Film), SHYLOCK (2004 Stage) and A PAST CAME CALLING (2004 Stage) to mention but a few.

Joke Silva has also written and directed to critical acclaim: Digging for Gold, Jonah, The Drummer Boy and Footprints. She is an alumnus of Holy Child College, Obalende, Weber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, London, University of Lagos Akoka and Fate Foundation, Ijora.

Silva is a recipient of several awards, including the EMOTAN Award by African Independent Television and the SOLIDRA Award. She is also a Member of the think tank for the Blair Commission for Africa, a trustee of Advocacy for Women and Children, a board member and a grief counselor for AART of Life Foundation. There is no doubt that Joke brings a wealth of experience to the character she portrays in 30 Days.

Please join me to wish this Living Legend Of The Nigerian Film Industry and a remarkable woman A Happy Birthday.

Tevez Takes His Wife Golfing... And Just Like Football, He Was Turned Away

Off the bench... for golf: Disgraced footballer Carlos Tevez strolls though
a golf club car park earlier today

He steadfastly refused to come off the bench to play in his club's European match against Bayern Munich last night.
But when asked for a round of golf this afternoon, footballer Carlos Tevez was quick to pick up his clubs for the challenge of 18 holes.
Strolling through the car park at Tytherington GC in Cheshire, the Manchester City striker, who earns £250,000-a-week, did not seem to care about the uproar he has caused around Britain with his behaviour.
However somebody certainly cared about his lack of golf etiquette - as the Argentine and his wife were not allowed to play after not booking a tee time.
Refusal: Tevez and his wife were not allowed to play again today after they didn't bother to book a tee time for their round at Tytherington GC

More ignominy followed as Tevez was suspended for two weeks by Manchester City, after a telephone conference involving senior staff, including chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak.
'Manchester City can confirm that striker Carlos Tevez has been suspended until further notice for a maximum period of two weeks,' said a short statement released by City yesterday evening.
Not a care in the world: Tevez removes his and his wife's clubs from a car
'The player's suspension is pending a full review into his alleged conduct during Tuesday evening's 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich.
'The player will not be considered for selection or take part in training whilst the review is under way.'
No problem: Carlos Tevez gives a thumbs up to fans as he arrives back at Manchester
Airport yesterday morning 

Onlookers and pundits have reacted with fury at this latest example of selfish, egotistical behaviour from a multi-millionaire footballer. Comedian Pete Sinclair tweeted: 'What's the difference between Carlos Tevez and a tramp? £150k a week. What's the similarity? They both refuse to get off the bench.' Media mogul Piers Morgan added: 'I think Carlos Tevez needs an urgent chat with @themichaelowen to learn how to stay happy on the bench.'

Kim Kardashian Voted Most Annoying Celebrity

SHE might be the highest paid reality star in the world, but Kim Kardashian has been voted the most annoying celebrity by readers of Parade magazine.
The reality starlet took out 29% of the vote, narrowly beating Charlie Sheen (27%) to the top spot, the magazine reports.
Rounding out the top five spots on list were Jersey Shore star Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, Donald Trump and The Bachelor star Brad Womack.
It’s been hard to miss Kim of late - first there was her over-the-top multi-million dollar wedding to basketballer Kris Humphries in August, then she and her sisters hit the publicity trail to spruik their new clothing line, the Kardashian Kollection.
But the Keeping up With The Kardashian’s star still has plenty of fans. Yesterday the 30-year-old passed the 10 million followers mark on Twitter, making her the fifth most followed celeb on the micro-blogging site, behind Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and Katy Perry, according to The Huffington Post.

You Need To Find A Greater God: What Farmer Told Topless Rihanna On His Land And Ordering Her To Leave

Alan Graham Caught Rihanna Topless on His farmland and told her to cover up

A Northern Ireland farmer Alan Graham on Monday, September 26, 2011 enforced a dress code on pop singer Rihanna while she was shooting a video in his wheat field in Bangor, East of Belfast.
According to Associated Press, Graham said he ‘doesn’t know who Rihanna is but she must keep her top on while performing on his land’.
The 23-year-old who was shooting the video to her new single ‘We found love’, undressed into a stars-and-stripes bikini, a red bra, a mesh black top, and finally went topless before Graham climbed off his tractor to protest. The locals around who watched were disappointed to see Rihanna put her top on.
The state of undress was becoming inappropriate I had a conversation with Rihanna. I hope she understands where I’m coming from. We shook hands’, Graham told AP.
The lead single ‘We Found Love’ premiered on September 22, 2011, on London radio station Capital FM and was released on the same day for digital download in the US.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nigerian Idol Season2 Kicks Off Today….

The second installment of the reality television  musical talent hunt show kicks of today, Wednesday September 28 2011 with a media an VIP conference at the Oriental Hotel Lekki. The ongoing conference is hosted by popular Vee Jay, Ill Rhymes. The first surprise of this edition is the revelation that Chocolate City’s boss, Audu Maikori will not be a judge in this edition and will be replaced by Charly Boy.
Yinka Davies...a returning judge
On introduction as a returning judge, Yinka Davies, dressed in a black flowing dress, gives a special rendition of Christy Essien Igbokwe’s ‘Seun Rere’ to the delight of the crowd. Ill Rhymes also revealed that he will be hosting the coming Nigerian Idols alongside rising Flytyme act, Tiwa Savage who joins him in hosting the conference. Like Davies, she makes her entrance with a musical rendition; she performs Whitney Houston’s ‘Every Woman’.
An ongoing conference is hosted by popular Vee Jay, Ill Rhymes
Auditions will kick off next week in Abuja before going to Port Harcourt, Enugu and Lagos. Prospective participants are required to download an online form from the show’s official website before activating via an Etisalat short code costing N100.00.
The grand prize for the Etisalat sponsored and Optima Studios produced show has also been upped to a $100,000 to include a management and recording contract. The first runner-up gets N1.5 million, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry phone and an iPad while the second runner up will take home a million Naira plus a Galaxy Tab, iPad and a Blackberry phone.

Facebook Admitted To Tracking Your Web Activities Even After You Log Out...

New Design: Mark Zuckerberg talks about a new look for Facebook
at a conference earlier this month
Facebook has admitted that it has been watching the web pages its members visit – even when they have logged out.
In its latest privacy blunder, the social networking site was forced to confirm that it has been constantly tracking its 750million users, even when they are using other sites.
The social networking giant says the huge privacy breach was simply a mistake - that software automatically downloaded to users' computers when they logged in to Facebook 'inadvertently' sent information to the company, whether or not they were logged in to Facebook at the time.
Most would assume that Facebook stops monitoring them after they leave, but technology bloggers discovered this was not the case.
Exposed: Australian technology blogger Nik Cubrilovic has uncovered Facebook's
practices of tracking users when they are offline
In fact, data has been regularly sent back to the social network’s servers – data that could be worth billions when creating 'targeted' advertising based on the sites users visit. 
The website’s practices were exposed by Australian technology blogger Nik Cubrilovic and have provoked a furious response across the internet.
Facebook claims to have 'fixed' the issue - and 'thanked' Mr Cubrilovic for pointing it out - while simultaneously claiming that it wasn't really an issue in the first place. 
Mr Cubrilovic found that when you sign up to Facebook it automatically puts files known as ‘cookies’ on your computer which monitor your browsing history. 
This is still the case - although Facebook claims the cookies no longer send information while you are logged out. If you are logged in to Facebook, the cookies will still send the information, and they remain on your computer unless you manually delete them.

Full Details Here

Yemi Adesokan, Nigerian Scientist, Wins MIT's World Top Young Innovators Award

Yemi Adesokan
While several young Nigerians are busy complaining their country has not done anything for them, 35- year- old US- based Nigerian born researcher, Yemi Adesokan, has put his country's name on the map of nations of innovation.

Adesokan's discovery which has potential to change the way mankind responds to disease pathogens, according to experts, may bring an end the era of increased burden of drug resistance in the world particularly, in sub Saharan Africa.

When he moved to United States in 1996, little did the young innovator have realise that he was going to rub shoulders with some of the greatest names in scientific technology.

But today, Adesokan who has been listed by Technology Review, an independent media company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) USA. as one of the TR35 Award of the 2011 World top innovators. Past recipients have included Sergey Brin (Google), 
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and Konstantin Novoselev (later a Nobel Laureate in Physics).

Details here



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