D’BANJ’S KOKO CONCERT: Top Hilarious Tweets - Bar Beach = Egypt. Eko Atlantic City = Promised Land. Atlantic Ocean = Red Sea. D’Banj Fans = Grumbling Israelites

Koko concert held yesterday [Dec. 27] in Lagos, Eko Atlantic City to be precise…No doubt, D’Banj is a massive crowd puller. Lagosians turned out in their 1,000s to catch a glimpse of the event's host – Hollywood’s Idris Elba and American singer Big Sean, etc…

But it was a Sweet & Sour Experience for many - a long dusty journey from "Lagos Bar Beach" to Eko Atlantic City…various Lagosians have since been lamenting/narrating and joking about their KoKo Concert experience via twitter in what many called an “Endurance Trek” - Israelites Journey of 40 Years = Eko Atlantic City Journey of 40 Minutes...Overall impression was - the concert was a BOMB...apart from the “Endurance Trek”, LOL

Here are some HILARIOUS TWEETS from Lagosians on their Koko concert experience, they are really really funny tweets.

Do have a laugh:

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