PHOTOS: Black & White Twin Girls From Mixed Race Parents…Doctors Said It Was A One In A Million Chance

Mixed blessings ... Pamela with Oswald and their twin girls
A MOTHER has amazed doctors after giving birth to twin girls — one white and the other black. Proud Pamela Frazer joked last night [Sep 1]: “At least I can’t get them mixed up”.

Candice Anne has dark skin, black hair and dark eyes, while Aleisha Lilly is white with fair hair and light eyes.

Pamela, 30, has already faced some awkward questions from passers-by when she is out with the four-week-old girls. But she added: “For me, it makes them even more special”. She and 37-year-old husband Oswald are both mixed race.
Black and white twin girls ... Candice Anne and Aleisha Lilly
Former bank manager Pamela revealed: “My mum has got Jamaican, African and Irish in her and my dad is white and Jewish. Oswald’s dad is Jamaican and his mum is Jamaican and Irish”.

She said of the different coloured girls: “It is quite common for it to happen with siblings, but for twins we were told it is very, very rare”.

“The doctor said it was a one in a million chance”.

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