DEZEANI ALLISON-MADUEKE`S DOUBLE STANDARD?: Photos of Son's Private Jet Lifestyle…With Int’l Superstars Such As Dbanj, Neyo And Cecil Hammond

Deziani Allison Madueke, Nigeria`s oil minister, penultimate week   introduced untold hardship into Nigerian families by unilaterally demanding PPRA to announce the removal of oil subsidy. Consequently, cost of transportation increased by

Days before Christmas, a widow had left her base with her five children to the village for Christmas. In her words, “I paid three thousand naira(N3,000.00) for each of us to travel to the village and had set aside another eighteen thousand (N18,000.00)for the return trip”. However, when she arrived the motor park on Jan . 2nd, one day after the removal of oil subsidy, she discovered that the cost of transportation had increased. They asked her to pay six thousand naira (N6,000.00)  per head, she broke down and wept openly and pleaded for three thousand naira per head. But her plea fell on deaf ears and was turned away. Simultaneously, Deziani Allison Madueke`s family were travelling around the globe in private jet, funded by a government, which she claim was broke.

While Nigerians suffer, its government officials are like the proverbial Leopard incapable of changing its spots.

Photos obtained from DailyPost Nigeria, reveals Nigeria Oil Minister,  Diezani Alison-Madueke’s sons, living like Kings in America, complete with private jet travels, luxury ship vacations, frolicking with local and international superstars such as Dbanj, Neyo and Cecil Hammond.

How long will people hired/appointed to serve in public offices continue to live off our resources?

Dbanj, Cecil, Hammond, Chima Madueke
Stretch Limo Oil Minister

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  1. Just look at that fat pig bastard of a son of hers. She looks like a lizard herself. I don't know what you people see in her. I wouldn't even cum on her face - she's not worthy

  2. i can tell u the truth behind all these
    pics.. They are not our problem..the pic of them at the red carpets was
    when thier mom(minister) introduced
    nigerian gems/stones in jewellery
    industries in the united states to show
    them that Nigeria has other valuable solid
    minerals. U dont know the madueke's more than i do.i dont see anybody in the pic of the private
    jet even the pic of chima in an aircraft doesnt mean he is in a private jet. So it's fake proof.i can run into stars thier pics
    with dbanj n neyo doesnt count. any average nigerian can afford few
    20dollar bills.i dont see any of the madueke's in the pic
    of the dollar stack. I saw all these in a lfestyle
    column of thisday newspaper.

    1. keep kidding ur self fool! Nigeria is broke indeed. look at life of luxury while nigerians suffer from her foolish decisions. fuel is now N97 but no where to be found. prices of goods and services have sky-rocketed. while this witch enjoys our oil money with her kids abroad. after all her cries that removal of oil subsidy is most imperative, why did government go down to N97? am sure these ur kids are jobless and feeding off ur subsidy, bitch !!!!!!!

    2. the madueke's are really living the dream,honestly i don't know what to make of the nigerian system.A system that gives pleasure only to the highest members of can these useless, worthless government officail be living in such splendour and lavish living and the ordinary nigerian cannot boost of the basic necessities of life.

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  4. Nigeria is like the proverbial animal farm and time will soon catch up with them.

    There cup has filled up already and will soon overflow for all of us to see what they are up to and unexpected in the name of revolution as it happened in the 60s will also follow.

  5. Nigeria is on the verge of catching flames, when it happens no one can douse the conflagration. But the so call billioniares and millioniares will be the first to be consumed in their donflarism edifies.

  6. hehehehe!!! I love this fucked up country. the funny thing is if 90% of Nigerians are in Madueke's shoes, they will do the same. fucking hypocrites


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