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Re: Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi Appoints Socialite Daughter As A Personal Assistant?

In response to recent News on a few blogs including this blog ( published on Oct 13,2011 and titled “Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi Appoints Socialite Daughter As A Personal Assistant?

Governor Ajimobi’s Special Adviser (Media) has reacted to this news yesterday Oct 16,2011 as obtained from I think it is only important and responsible that I publish this as a way of balancing my published stories.

The Governor’s Reaction is as stated Below:
Our attention has been drawn to a posting on some internet websites alleging that a daughter of Governor Abiola Ajimobi, Bisola, has been appointed a Personal Assistant to the governor of Oyo State.

We state with all emphasis at our disposal that this is an extremely fertile imagination at work. The daughter of the governor resides in Lagos and has never been given any appointment whatsoever by the government. This can be cross-checked independently by anyone.

We ask that the media cross-checks its facts very well as this posting is apparently a hatchet job. The coincidence of this story coming on the net at this time, when a former helmsman of the state is currently facing charges of corruption and misappropriation, is too sharp to be neglected. This may well be a replay of the historical Nigerian wise crack, ‘if you Tarka me, I Daboh you.’

Once again, we confirm that this is a very wicked rumour, an attempt to malign innocent persons, hiding under the well-known licence that the internet offers those who want to tar-brush their enemies, for very wicked and ulterior motives.

Festus Adedayo, PhD,
Special Adviser (Media) to Governor Ajimobi

8 Foreigners Killed In Botswana Plane Crash

A light aircraft carrying 12 people crashed after takeoff and burst into flames in Botswana, killing the British pilot and seven tourists from France, Sweden and Britain, an official said Monday.

The crash occurred Friday in the southern African nation's remote Okavango Delta, Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Modipe Nkwe said. He said two French tourists and two Botswana citizens survived.

The cause is under investigation, Nkwe said as news of the incident emerged Monday. The chartered Cessna 208, operated by local company Moremi Air, crashed shortly after takeoff from Xakanaka airfield in northern Botswana and was ablaze soon after. The plane had been headed for Pom Pom, a camp site in the delta that is famous for its birds and wildlife, including elephants.

Nkwe said the plane was carrying 11 passengers and the pilot. The seven tourists who perished included a British man, three French women and three Swedes - two women and a man. The survivors were airlifted for medical care to Johannesburg in neighboring South Africa, he said.

France's Foreign Ministry said one French survivor remains hospitalized in Johannesburg with burns, though doctors say her life is not in danger. It said the other French survivor has returned home.

Britain's Foreign Office confirmed that two British nationals had died in the crash. It said that next of kin have been informed and provided with consular assistance, but declined to give further details.

In Sweden, however, the Foreign Ministry said it has not been able to confirm the reports but are looking into the matter.

Source - AP

Cocaine Scandal Twist: NDLEA Would Apologise To Baba Suwe...Says Agency Director General

Baba Suwe...Not Guilty Yet...
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), said on Monday that it may apologise to the detained Nollywood star, Babatunde Omidina aka “Baba Suwe”, who was arrested last week for alleged drug trafficking, if the result of the computerized tomography scan does not find traces of hard drug in his body. Omidina was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, last week on his way to Paris, France. 

According a radio report the blogger monitored on Rhythm FM this evening, the Director -General of NDLEA, Femi Ajayi, explained that the ace actor will still have to undergo the CT scan to ascertain his true position on the matter. 

“If the scan result indicates that the ace actor did not ingest any drug, the NDLEA will release him and possibly tender an unreserved apology because of the wide interest his arrest has generated.

“Based on the standard operational rule, it is after the third excretion, which is expected to take some days that it would become clearer whether or not the suspect had any drug on him.
 “It is too early to say if the ace comedian is guilty or not, but the scan will be completed and the result released for the general public to see things for themselves, “Ajayi stated.

Drama! Drama!! And Twists!!!

Tragedy - On Ijora 7up Bridge, Lagos A 30Ton Trailer Fell On Top of Commercial Buses With Passenger Inside

As I closed from work this evening, October 17, 2011 driving home and out of Apapa, Lagos heading towards Ido-Ebute-Meta  I ran into what seemed like an usual Lagos hectic traffic at Ijora 7Up Bridge. The hold lasted for about 20min and as usual, nothing was responsible for the traffic jam.

But I saw a crowd of people gathered on top of the bridge at the point where traffic was free, looking downwards and I parked car to join in the sightseeing.

It was really an ugly sight. A 30tons trailer plunged from the top of Ijora 7Up bridge heading towards Apapa and fell on top of commercial busses loading passengers.

As at the time of filing this report, I could not confirm if there were casualties. But I bet, with what I saw and the pictures I took with my Blackberry casualties are bound to happen.

I assumed the trailer was rushing to the sea port or either to one of the Flour Milling companies around Apapa to load and possibly lost control (of its brake) as usual.

More pictures are below: 

Alleged Facebook Rapist Pleads Guilty, Gets 50 Years

Alleged Facebook Rapist...Thabo Bester

"Facebook rapist" Thabo Bester was sentenced to 50 years in jail in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Friday, a report has said.
Earlier this week Bester pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and two of armed robbery with aggravating circumstances.
He addressed the court earlier today on the mitigation of his sentence.
He told the court he had been raped by his grandmother’s friend when he was young, raped several times by a man who promised to look after her, and gang-raped in prison.
Bester broke down in tears, asking the court for leniency, explaining the abuse he had suffered led him to a life of crime.
Bester has 14 days to appeal the sentence.

Amber Rose Covers The Latest Issue Of Inked Magazine . . .And She Shows Off Her Tatoos!

Amber Rose Covers The Latest Issue Of Inked Magazine . . .And She Shows Off Her Tatoos!

Research In Motion To Offer Free Apps Worth More Than $100 To Blackberry Users After Massive Outages

Trying to make amends for massive outages last week, Research In Motion is giving customers some free premium apps and a month of technical support.
The Canadian company says that the apps, worth more than $100, will be made available over the coming weeks on BlackBerry (at) App World. They include iSpeech Translator, Bejeweled and Texas Hold'em Poker 2. The offer runs until the end of the year.
Reseach in Motion also will offer its enterprise customers a month of free technical support.
Last week's blackout interrupted email and Internet services for tens of millions of users globally and left company leaders apologizing profusely.
BlackBerry phones are already struggling to keep pace with competitors like Apple Inc.'s iPhone and shares of Research In Motion have already paid a price.

Source - AP

Nollywood Most Controversial Actresses…Part 1

Nollywood Most Controversial Actresses In no Particular Order...


Screen goddess, Stella no doubt has carved a niche for herself in the movie world and as has had to deal with several controversies that have trailed her. She became victim of controversy when story flying around that she was sleeping with star actor, RMD, after the demise of her hubby. She was also romantically linked to some men before she eventually settled for Emeka.
 Her dalliance with Emeka soon became another source of controversy because of the premature breakup that was the lot of the union. Stella has in recent be romantically linked with her personal assistant and so many other men.


Small framed mother of two, Iyabo Ojo is comfortably one of the best hands in the Yoruba movie industry. Her ability to interpret scripts rightly has placed her far above some of her colleagues in the industry.
However, controversy, as a matter of fact could pass for her middle name. All the controversies that have trailed her have to do with “Romance”…she has been romantically linked with so many men including socialite Lukman Alagbala and Dare Santata who is believed to have remained her man till date. Iyabo Ojo is also romantically linked with Muka Ray and it is believed the two are still together till date. Her superiority tussle with actress Lizz Anjorin has also not helped matter.


The talent and audacity to tread where others dread are some
of the attributes that gave the light skinned Igbo born actress an
edge among her peers. She is said to be very loose and easy to
open up to any man she finds attractive. However, when issue of
controversies is open up for discussion, the name Tonto will
surely take center stage because is has successfully engaged
herself in a good number of controversies as much as she’s got movie roles.

 She is said to have acted in some soft porn movies. Aside her passion for cigarettes, she is also said to be very hot tempered, a case in point is her fight with a Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker


Newly married Mercy Johnson could only be called a controversial person just because
she is used to be cynosure of all eyes at many events she has attended because of
the knack of figure revealing and sexy dresses she’s obsessed with. The issue of her
 marriage to the Edo Prince also puts her among the controversial ones


Slim built, light and mother of one, Lizz falls into the category of the
 lucky ones in the industry because sooner that she berth in the industry, she started recording issues. Though not a very dynamic, but controversies
 has helped boost her image. She was at a time news with her car dealer lover,
 Ade Dollar who she accused of stealing her car and her feud with Iyabo Ojo is making her profile swell. She is also said to be seriously in love with a former House of Representative candidate from Oyo State.


Tiny voiced entertainment personality Cossy is one person whose heap of controversy can never be forgotten even though she has slowed down in that area. She used to bear her boobs in musical videos some years back. Another issue that sky-rocketed her controversy was when she was alleged to have slept with a dog for money. Cossy claims to be an actress and singer but she has only managed to have featured in a flick or two while nothing has been seen as regards to music career.


Stoutly built and beautiful Yoruba actress, Bisi is one of those in the movie industry whose stars are fast fading because her appearance in movies has drastically reduced. Though her representation at public places suggests she’s making more than ends meet especially with her recently delivered black Range Sport. Her basic source of controversy is the marriage which she lay claims to but has never happened in the first place and the fact that she throws cautions to the winds when she wants to buys things on credit.


Toyin started to be controversial even before she became popular when news used to be all over that she used to dupe men. Since she entered into the limelight she’s got handful of controversies which include her lifestyle and her knack to fought over men. She is also said to have slept with her market, Epsalum and was even the reason the market broke his relationship with Yomi Salam, also a producer and an actress.


Toast among her peers, Funke at the moment is adjudged the best actress and producer in the Yoruba genre of the film industry. She is no doubt endowed with so much brain and talent but she swims in controversies. The source of her controversies mostly is men. Aside the fact that she steadily warms the bed of her marketer, Olasco, her relationship with Femi Adebayo was also very controversial, more so that Femi is happily a married man. Despite her claims of being in a serious relationship, sources have it that Funke is single and seriously searching for a man that will be hers’ for keep for life. 


Kogi state born crossover actress is synonymous with controversy because this actress has had more than enough controversies to live with for the rest of her life. The bigamy issue that engulfed her sometime ago is yet to be settled while the story of how she was arrested at a party over visa racketeering amongst others is all on her name.

I Have Not Surgically Enhanced My Breasts… Sexy Actress Omotola Speaks

Omotola Ekeinde
Fresh from exclusively addressing rumors of alleged marital problems arising from a picture taken where a fan had placed his arm on her bosom at the Academy Awards early this year in Los Angeles – an innocent gesture that had ignited a firestorm of speculations about the state of her marriage and fidelity to her husband – an issue she and her husband had  exclusively addressed and debunked in the April edition of The Diasporan Star, the world of sexy actress – Omotola seems to be one where rumors and innuendos continue to take center stage. It seems the merchants of gossip just cannot cut her any slack.
A fan placed his arm on her bosom at the Academy Awards
early this year in Los Angeles
The newest rumor has it that Omotola, in order to look sexier and physically alluring, had while on a recent trip to Los Angeles, carried out a cosmetic procedure to surgically enhance her breast which according to sources “she did not like the way they look.” Soon, pictures began to float around the Internet showing her supposedly “fuller and rounder “new breasts which they claim look way different from what they used to be before the enhancement. A careful look at some of the pictures however, revealed no marked difference from the way they have always been.

Omo Sexy...

Omo Sexy in 2009...
As if the story of her alleged breast implant was not enough, two weeks ago, the Internet and pop culture world was inundated with the story that she had died in an auto crash – a story that was quickly debunked by her media team. 

Determined to get the real story on her alleged breast implant, I called Omotola penultimate Monday and asked her what motivated her to do a breast implant. “First and foremost, thank you for your call” she had started “I did not do any breast implant – I don’t 
have to, don’t need it, but should such a time comes that I need it, I will do it and tell the world I did it! I believe every woman has the right to take steps and means to enhance her beauty and that should be her prerogative. After having four beautiful children and still looking the way I do, I feel blessed and I thank God for it. My breasts are all natural and they are gifts from God. Those who wish to speculate and concoct all manner of stories about my assets are free to do so, if it makes them happy. The one and only person who matters the most in my life after God – my dear husband
– Captain Ekeinde knows the truth – and that’s all that matters.”

Asked if someday she may consider the procedure, Omotola said “Absolutely, I can’t rule it out – in life the only thing you should rule out is to sin.” Asked to define what in her world constitutes ‘sinning’ Omotola laughed uproariously and said “anything that defiles you and debases you – anything that removes from you – the core values that define you is a sin by my definition – anything that defeats God’s purpose in your life.”

Omotola also dismissed the wicked rumor that had claimed she died in an auto crash “I forgive them for publishing such a wicked and malicious story
about me – I mean who would wish someone dead! What level of hate and animosity would drive one to do such a despicable story? May God forgive them. As you can see, I am alive and well, and enjoying the blessings of God almighty. I still have many more miles to travel; to bring happiness and entertainment to millions of people and those who wish me otherwise, will not succeed, because od who is my strength and buckler will 
continue to cover me under his protective arms.”

Source - thediasporanstar

NDLEA: Why Baba Suwe Is Still In Our Custody

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, yesterday, explained why it is still holding on to popular actor and comedian, Mr. Babatunde Omidina, alias Baba Suwe, who was arrested last Wednesday night for alleged drug trafficking.
The comedian was alleged to have ingested wraps of cocaine in his system which the scanner employed by the anti-drug agency was said to have picked up but the suspect has emptied his bowels twice without any trace of the drug.
Spokesman of the agency, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, however, insisted that Omidina would not have been picked up if the scanner had not revealed that he had the drug in his system.
He said: “Baba Suwe is still in our custody and under observation. Since he was arrested Wednesday, he has excreted  twice.  First, he excreted on Friday and we did not find any drug and on Saturday he excreted again, still we did not find any drug.
”But, it is normal because we would not have arrested him if the scanner did not show that he has something in his system. We have had people who stayed longer before  they started excreting; so, we are still observing him. It is just that we are now doing our investigation on this particular suspect on the pages of newspapers.”
After his arrest last Wednesday, Airport Commander of NDLEA, Alhaji Hamza Umar, was quoted as saying that, “Mr. Omidina Babatunde was in safe custody.
Preliminary findings have shown that the actor was to act as compere for the naming ceremony of his friend’s daughter in Paris. He was arrested because there is reasonable ground for suspicion and the actor is currently under observation.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Video: Patrice Evra Accuses Luis Suarez Of Racism

“There are cameras, and you can see him say a certain word to me at least ten times… No place for that in 2011″ – Patrice Evra.
The aftermath of Liverpool 1 – Manchester United 1 looks set to be dominated by claims made by Patrice Evra to Canal + hours after the draw at Anfield about the conduct of Luis Suarez.
Evra was fouled by Suarez on the right hand touchline, in front of the Kop, in the 58th minute. For the next few minutes the Manchester United left back and Liverpool number seven had a number of verbal clashes.
The most significant came at a corner where referee Andre Marriner called both players over and ordered them to calm down, once Evra and Suarez left the referee, the Uruguayan put his arm round the Frenchman only to see the Manchester United defender react furiously and they were once again called back by the official.
On 65 minutes Evra was booked for persistent complaining and added in his Canal + interview that Andre Marriner was fully aware of what he claimed Suarez was calling him.
Neither Kenny Dalglish or Sir Alex Ferguson was asked about any racism post-match claims and the Evra comments have so far only been reported in France.
These are very serious claims from Evra which would have a huge impact on the rest of Luis Suarez’s career in England after a hugely impressive start at Liverpool.
It should also be pointed out, that Evra has previously been involved in two other racism claims in English football (Chelsea ground staff and Steve Finnan) with both failing to stick. 
Video below:

Naija Hip Hop Godfathers, Kenny Ogungbe And Dayo Adeneye Break Up!…How ID Ogungbe Tore Them Apart

Keke and D1
The godfathers of Nigeria’s hip hop music, and popular radio/ television personalities, Kenny Ogungbe and his partner, Dayo Adeneye of  Primetime Entertainment have decided to go their separate ways, after over ten years of partnership. This was as a result of a business deal gone sour and ID Ogbungbe – Kenny’s brother is being fingered as instrumental in the soured deal.

The deal in question was reported to be the renewal of the contract Primetime Entertainment (owned by Kenny and D1) had with Africa’s Telecom Giant, MTN which had lapsed and negotiations for new terms were ongoing. D1 rejected the new terms being proposed by MTN saying they were not as lucrative as the previous deal which (amongst other things) had come with branded Hummer jeeps for both Kenny and D1.
While the stalemate in negotiations had not been resolved, ID Ogungbe went to his older brother Kenny, persuading him to go back to MTN and agree to the terms of the contract which D1 had rejected. He asked Kenny to do this for Kennis Music (which ID and Kenny had a large stake in but D1′s stake was minimal) leaving Primetime Entertainment out in the cold.
Kenny went ahead and signed the deal with MTN for Kennis Music without the knowledge of his partner D1.

Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye are winners of several awards both local and international.
Read more here.

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Husband Splashed Acid On Wife

Halira Hassan Was Purportedly bathed With Acid By Her Husband

25 Years Old Halira Hassan Was Purportedly bathed With Acid By Her Husband, Hassan Girgije In Gwada Village, Shiroro Local Government Area Of Niger State. Halira, A Mother Of Three Said She Never Knew That Her Husband, With Whom She Has Been Having A Running Battle For The Eight Years That She Has Been With Him, Had A Plan Against Her. 

According To Her, Trouble Started The Day He Sent Her Packing From Her Matrimonial Home, After He Accused Her Of Going To His Uncle’s House Make Nasty Comments About His Two Other Wives. She Said As It Was Already Late In The Night, She Was Reluctant, Therefore Relocating From The Inner Room To The Parlour. But When It Became Apparent That He Was All-Out For Her That Night, She Decided To Leave For Her Mother’s House
At About 1 Am On The Fateful Night, When She Came Out Along With Her Children To Ease Themselves, She Suddenly Saw Her Husband, Climbing Over The Wall Into The House. Even Their Little Daughter Recognised Him And Called “Daddy, Daddy.” Halira Said: “After He Realized That He Had Been Recognized, He Splashed The Liquid, Believed To Be Acid, On My Face And Threw Away The Container, From Which Some Of The Contents Splashed On Our Little Daughter, Hassana, Who Got Slightly Hurt.”
Read more here.

Video: Top 25 World's Most Corrupt Countries, Haiti Nos.1…Nigeria Proudly 18th And 7th In Africa

Corruption costs the world trillions of dollars each decade, and it is up to us to decide what to do about it. In many Third World countries, corruption is a big problem because many political elites don't care about their people's needs. They enrich themselves, instead of enriching their populations. Corruption is also a problem in some developed countries.

Source: YouTube

Rapper Rick Ross Unconscious After Seizure Cpr Being Performed

TMZ just broke the news that rapper Rick Ross had a seizure on an airplane just a few moments ago. link to TMZ story

Rick Ross is unconscious and paramedics are desperately trying to resuscitate him.

Rick was on a flight going from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis today, when the rapper lost consciousness.  The plane was forced to make an emergency landing.  
Emergency workers tell us the call came in at 12:55 PM ET ... the caller reported a seizure.

Ross is currently on a gurney at the airport.  Members of Rick's entourage are standing by, some of them extremely emotionally upset.

The paramedics have not yet pronounced him dead, so we're all holding out hope. Let's all pray.

Most Expensive 14 Year Old Footballer Is A Nigerian...Chelsea Pay £2m For Teenage Sensation Oluwaseyi Ojo

Teenage sensation Oluwaseyi Ojo
Chelsea have agreed to pay a staggering £2million to make an MK Dons youth-team player the most expensive 14-year-old in football. Teenage sensation Oluwaseyi Ojo is viewed as one of the hottest prospects in English football, with Manchester United, Liverpool, 

Arsenal and Manchester City all having tracked the youngster. 
But Chelsea have won the race to sign the midfielder after making three offers for Ojo while he was playing for England Under 16s against Northern Ireland at Chesterfield on Wednesday.

The teenager was introduced as a half-time substitute and made an impact after two minutes, setting up Mason Bennett's second as England secured a 3-1 win. The impressive cameo sparked an incredible series of bids from Chelsea during the game. Knowing that scouts from the country's other top clubs were also at the game, they made three bids in 45 minutes. 

MK Dons rejected the opening two offers before agreeing a package understood to be worth an initial £1.5million, plus another £500,000 in add-ons. 

Read more here

Baba Suwe Excretes, No Drug Found...NDLEA

Ace Actor and comedian, Omidina Babatunde a.k.a Baba Suwe now in the custody of the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, over alleged possession of cocaine was said to have made his first self excretion but no drug was found in it. Disclosing this development, the Head of Public Affairs, NDLEA, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju however said Suwe was still under close observation by the agency to know what actually went wrong.

Baba Suwe was nabbed aboard an Air France aircraft to Paris at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, MMIA, Ikeja Lagos at about 10pm on Wednesday when he allegedly tested positive to drug ingestion and had been placed under observation since then. 

Earlier yesterday, the NDLEA had expressed concern that Suwe who was on his way to attend the naming ceremony of his close friend in Paris had not been able to excrete despite the fact that he was ‘’eating very well and co-operating with narcotic investigators.’’ ’There is reasonable ground for suspicion and the actor is currently under observation. He is fine and had been eating but has not excreted. ‘’We have invited our doctor to examine him. This is crucial to ascertain the true position. Further up-date on the matter shall be made known to the general public. “.the Agency said, shortly before he ecreted. 

NDLEA’s Airport Commander, Alhaji Hamza Umar also confirmed that Suwe was in safe custody even as it was learnt that he was to the act as a compere during the naming ceremony which he missed as a result of his arrest.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cocaine Scandal: Nollywood Yoruba Stars React To Baba Suwe`s Predicament

Former President of Association of Nigerian Theatre Art Practitioners, Prince Jide Kosoko was full of anger, He said: “Are you sure it is true?
If it is, it is madness. It is madness I repeat. I can hardly believe the story.
What else does he want in life? This is madness, complete madness I say.”

Barrister Tunji Bamishigbin, an actor and a Lawyer, said that if it is true
that Baba Suwe is involved in drug peddling, then he does not deserve
 the position and respect the Nigerian society has accorded him.

“It is also a big shame and it is very disappointing because the society
sees us as the mirror through which they watch themselves and if we
are found where we are not supposed to be, it is very shameful.”
Sunday Omobolanle aka Papy Luwe who called to confirm
 the report said he was shocked. 
“But I can’t believe that what
I am hearing is true. A friend who is in London spoke with me
on phone and said that he saw the story in the on-line
edition ofP.M.NEWS. Sorry I will speak with you later.”
Star Actress, Remi Oshodi aka Surutu expressed disappointment
 with Omidina’s shameful act. 
“because whoever is not satisfied with
whatever he or she has will end up where he is not supposed to be.
We are the mirror through which the society mirrors itself and as
 parents we should live by example. It is a big disgrace to us all,” 
she said.
A young actor Femi Brainard also condemned the shameful act of the star actor,
“this shameful act must be stopped because Wunmi was the first victim,
and because she was pardoned does not mean that Baba Suwe will go scot free.
What he has done is a slap on us and the entire movie industry.
This time around he must be made to face the music.”
According to Hon Rotimi Makinde, a member of the House of Representatives, “it is a rude shock. “It’s indeed a disgrace to many of us and the industry I so cherish.  I reserve further comments for now until I get details.”
He spoke through his media aide, Sanya Ojo.

Source: PMNews



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