PROVOCATIVE PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Nigerian “Professional Nude Model” On Facebook

A young Nigerian, Asiayei Perekeye who resides in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria is doing “Nude Business” on facebook. According to the “Basic Information” he provided on facebook, Asiayei Perekeye is a “Professional Nude Model” and he posts provocative nude pictures online in the course of "his business".

The blogger stumbled on the Nigerian’s facebook profile where he had posted “mouth-agape” nude pics for the viewing pleasure of both clients and non-clients.
8 days ago, Asiayei Perekeye wrote on his wall, “haters can only report me, but what they don't know is the the more they do that the more u inspire me of my good works, please all haters more pix are coming very soon, and guess what it will just be mind blowing, i will advice u all if u don't like me for any reasons, please remove me from ur list, its not by force oooooooo........ abeg

Jezzz! Life must really be tough in Nigeria and people would do anything to survive.

Provocative pictures below:

Click here for more provocative nude pictures on his facebook profile.

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