Obasi Wrote, “El-Rufai Acted As A Tool And A Fool In The Hand Of Obasanjo”…GEJ’s Facebook Page Endorsed This Statement As “The Most Interesting Conversation On Twitter”

A Link I Captured From GEJ's Facebook Page...Which I Think Was Later Removed
I woke up this morning at about 4.10 to check an alert on my Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and then to check news feed on my facebook profile. As I was scrolling down, what did I see, “a link from twitter posted by GEJ on his facebook page wherein Mr. President claimed he visits twitter from time to time. This link was full of conversational tweets in which one Obasi A. Obasi deliberately took the former FCT Minister, Mallam el-Rufai to the cleaners.  GEJ’s comment on the posted link was, “From time to time, I visit Twitter and I must say I found this to be a most interesting conversation”.

Twitter Fight: GEJ's Chariots vs el-Rufai...

But I think GEJ publicists were not too comfortable with the link they posted as it may raise dusts in some quarters especially on social media, and so, I think it was removed from GEJ’s Facebook Page. But having anticipated this removal, I was smart enough to find a way of capturing the posted links alongside GEJ’s comment on the online war between GEJ’s Chariots and el-Rufai’s. I am only thinking GEJ publicists would not deny they ever posted a link from Obasi twitter page.

Twitter Fight: Obasi A. Obasi vs Mallam el-Rufai

“What kind of 50 year old breeds hooligans like @omojuwa & @ogundamisi as sons? If not an evil & twisted soul and mind like@elrufai?”.

Obasi A. Obasi, according to his twitter profile is an “Entrepreneur and Thinker. I believe that Nigeria is the best country to come from”. Obviously, Obasa is a GEJ sympathiser and was not comfortable with the endless horrendous attacks el-Rufai and his men who Obasa referred to in one of his tweets as “your true son and an expert at dreaming up fiction & promoting them as fact! Just polluting Twitter with filth. Obasi was of the opinion that Mallam el-Rufai breeds online hooligans to attack GEJ, he wrote, “What kind of 50 year old breeds hooligans like @omojuwa & @ogundamisi as sons? If not an evil & twisted soul and mind like@elrufai?”. And that el-Rufai must be paying these hooligans so as to sustain their perilous online attacks against GEJ’s government.

And The Twitter Fight Goes On...

The only response from el-Rufai to Obasi’s twitter fight has been, “Social media confers equality & anonymity....even fools & criminals can appear clever & patriotic....in real life, who are these guys!”, he wrote on his twitter page when one @AYDUAYDU asked: “@obasinigeria at dis point i need to ask what did @elrufai do to u? its now super personal. Please can u guys sort this out at PDP office?” 

I will surely keep you guy posted as events on this online war unfold…
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