PICTURED: Coca-Cola Addict Has 12 Teeth Removed After Guzzling Soft Drink Daily

Lady the 20 year old Jack Russell which had a major operation to remove 12 teeth (Picture: SWNS)
An elderly dog with a sweet tooth including a love of Coca-Cola has had twelve teeth removed. The ageing pet called Lady fell in love with the fizzy drink after taking a sneaky sip from her owner’s glass.

Despite Coca-Cola being strictly for human consumption, Lady then spent a year having a drink of diet Coke every day. Her owner, Kate Snook, said the drink made her hyper ‘just like a kid’.

Snook, 46, eventually took steps to wean the Jack Russell off the sugary drink before going ‘cold turkey’. Despite her unhealthy diet, Lady celebrated her 20th birthday on January 29, just a few months after she had 12 of her 16 teeth removed by a vet in October.
Addiction has been tough for the 20 year old Jack Russell (Picture: SWNS)
Lady the 20 year old Jack Russell with her owner Kate Snook (Picture: SWNS)
Secondary school teacher Kate, from Trowbridge, Wilts explains her dog’s fondness for the fizzy drink, saying: ‘The glass was on the bedside table and she was just nosey. It was normal full-fat coke.

‘She got really hyper like a kid would.. She loved it she was so alert. ‘She wouldn’t drink a whole glass, it was the little bit at the bottom of the glass – around an inch. ‘She was getting a bit hyper and I thought it was a bit weird for a dog to be drinking. She went cold turkey and was shaking like she needed it. ‘She went to bed every night with a glass of Coke, when I stopped giving it to her she got very upset and was very grouchy.’
Lady has now kicked her Coke habit (Picture: SWNS)
The mum-of-one added: ‘I don’t want people thinking I am a bad owner, far from it she is spoilt. ‘Her teeth were not very good anyway. I hope it’s not because of drinking Coke. I think it was just old-age. ‘The teeth they took out I keep in a pot – there are 12 of them. She has a couple at the back but that’s about it. She is really gummy.’

Lady stopped drinking cola around three years ago but still enjoys white chocolate buttons, flapjacks and cups of tea.

The Coke made Lady quite hyper (Picture: SWNS)
Kate has kept her pet’s teeth (Picture: SWNS)

  Source: Metro, UK

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