Donald Trump’s Daughter ‘Persuaded Him Not To Pass Anti-Gay Law’

Ivanka Trump apparently stepped in (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)
Ivanka Trump apparently stopped her dad from signing a regressive anti-gay executive order. The President’s daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, are reported to have used their prominent position to uphold a 2014 law passed by Obama that protects LGBT employees from workplace discrimination.

‘There are some in Trump’s family that have some views on these things,’ a source told Politico. ‘That’s where the decision is ultimately being made.’ The new order, which was leaked earlier this week, would have also rolled back LGBT and women’s rights when it came to marriage equality, abortion, contraception and transgender rights.
Ivanka and Jared Kushner apparently sank the bill (Picture: Getty Images)
Entitled ‘Establishing a Government-wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom’, the law claimed to protect religious freedom in every aspect of a person’s life – even if it went against the hard-won rights of LGBT people and women.

It stated that people’s religious beliefs would be protected when receiving ‘social services, education or healthcare; earning a living, seeking a job, or employing others; receiving government grants or contracts; or otherwise participating in the marketplace, the public square, or interfacing with Federal, State or local governments’.
VP Mike Pence is notoriously anti-LGBT (Picture: Getty Images)
The law would have tied in well with the beliefs of Vice President Mike Pence who, as governor of Indiana, passed the notoriously anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015 – to fierce international condemnation.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump, however, have a record of supporting gay rights, and move in the same circles as socially progressive New Yorkers.

In a statement put out shortly after the order was leaked, the Trump administration said: ‘The executive order signed in 2014, which protects employees from anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination while working for federal contractors, will remain intact at the direction of President Donald J. Trump.’

 - Metro, UK

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