TRUMP’S MUSLIM BAN: Citizens Of The Following 7 Muslim-Majority Countries Are Banned From Entering The US

People are now stranded at airports (Picture:
Green card holders are included in President Trump’s immigration ban, the US Dept of Homeland Security has confirmed. Immigrants who hold so-called green cards are legally permanent US citizens. Getting a green card is an incredibly lengthy, painstaking ordeal in many cases.

New York Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, Afaf Nasher, prays before a rally and protest against US President Donald Trump (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)
Which countries are included in Trump's immigration orders?
But now Donald Trump’s anti-immigration order has barred entry for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, even if they currently live and work in the country, for 90 days.

This means that people who are otherwise settled in the US but are abroad – on holiday or business trips, for example – will not be allowed back in.

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