Man ‘Wielding Huge Sword Killed Pregnant Wife And Unborn Child’

Police rushed to the scene (Picture: WTVR)
A man is accused of murdering his pregnant wife with a sword, before calling police to report himself. Northern York County Regional Police rushed to the scene in Jackson, New Jersey, at around 4pm yesterday after being called by husband John Ziegler III, 35, reporting a domestic incident involving an edged weapon.

He allegedly told the operator that he had struck his wife, 25, with a scimitar-style sword – killing her and their unborn baby.

However, added that he would be waiting with his two-year-old son for the police at the scene. Officers discovered Zeigler’s wife on the rear deck of the home.
He allegedly used a scimitar sword (Picture: Getty)
She was pronounced dead at the scene, as was her unborn baby. According to WTVR, a curved sword was reportedly discovered beside her body. Zeigler surrendered peacefully as soon as officers arrived.

His toddler was uninjured and taken into the custody of York County Children, Youth, and Families. The 35-year-old has been held in custody charged with murder and murder of an unborn child.

Police ask anyone with information to contact them on 911. 

  - Metro, UK

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