20 Reasons Why Books Are Way Better Than Boyfriends

Nothing beats quality time with a good book (Picture: Getty)

In the depths of winter, there is nothing quite as universally popular as a night on the sofa. When it’s too grim to go out and there’s a red wine on the go who can resist hunkering down for the night?

But what makes the perfect night in? Some would say someone to cuddle up to, but there’s something far more satisfying than that: The joys of a good book.

Whether it’s a sci-fi adventure or a dreamy romcom, nothing helps escape the winter blues like a good old-fashioned page turner.

So, if you think winter indoor joy starts and ends with a relationship think again. From lasting all night to smelling good in the morning here are 20 reasons why books are better than boyfriends.

1. You can drop them and pick them up again when you want to

And you won’t be the bad guy if you decide to ditch them halfway through.
You don’t have to choose just one (Picture: Getty)
2. They don’t mind you discussing them with all your mates over dinner

And if you’re reading more than one at a time you don’t need to keep it a secret.

3. Every one is totally different

And will always take you on an adventure.

4. You can keep them to make your house look pretty even after you’ve finished with them
So happy (Picture: Getty)
5. Big ones aren’t always the best ones

And hard ones aren’t always better than soft backs.

6. Books can last all night

And then some.

7. You can skip to the good parts

Can’t do that with boyfriends.

8. You can pass a good book around your friends
Lend them out and share the love (Picture: Getty)
9. A good book will satisfy you in the bedroom, the kitchen, on the sofa, in the bath


10. Books still smell good in the morning

Take a good sniff.

11. They’re very into PDA

And you can get intimate with a book in a pub in the middle of the day without getting thrown out for indecency.

12. Even the old ones still know how to perform

13. You can pick a book off the shelf without having to fill in a profile

Or spend two weeks of your life you’re never going to get back WhatsApp-ing about your hobbies with a total stranger.

14. They look better the older they get

Hello creased spines and dog ears.

15. They’ll take you to Paris on a Monday night, Morocco on a Thursday and Hogwarts on a Saturday

Go all over the world.

16. You don’t have to remove all your body hair for a date with a book
(Picture: Getty)
17. Or make small talk after a late night session when all you really want to do is go to sleep

No pillow talk, just quiet.

18. You don’t get pissed off when you see someone else reading your book on the tube

Hello, fellow person with excellent taste.

19. People don’t think you’re flighty if you don’t stick to the same ‘type’

No defending your preference for Victorian ghost stories.

20. They’ll stimulate you whenever you want

Mind, body and soul.

   - Metro, UK

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