VIDEO & PICS: Tyra Banks – “I Waited Too Damn Long” To Become A Mother

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Tyra Banks’ drive to build her fashion/beauty empire is undeniable. She’s one of fashion and beauty’s biggest icons. But, her career got in the way of her nabbing a title she always wanted: Mommy.

The 42-year-old fashion mogul dropped in on the “Steve Harvey Show” for his “Jump” week in celebration of his upcoming book (set to drop December 5th).
The TYRA Beauty honcho, who recently released a new skincare line, dished on the biggest “jump” of her life when she began her motherhood journey. It was an easy road since she decided to have kids later in life, but everything worked out and she is now the fab mother to her son, York.
She opened up to Steve:
“Motherhood was always a part of my plan. Since I was 23 years old, I told myself I would have a baby in 3-years. Every year, I would say ‘in 3-years, in 3-years, in 3-years’ and waited too damn long because I was so focused on work and really just wanting to find that partner to make sure that they would be around.”
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Finding a good partner is an important factor for sure. Once she did, she had issues getting pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a mother. She continued:
“However, when I was ready to get pregnant, it wasn’t so easy, based on fertility and being able to hold a baby in my womb. So, I had a surrogate. So York is my egg and his daddy Eric’s sperm. He is my genetic child, I just needed another oven to carry.”
Peep the clip below:
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