PICTURED: This Property Tycoon Wins £1.2 Million After Betting On A Trump Victory

At least someone’s happy (Picture: Rex)
Vincent Tchenguiz, 60, has reason to celebrate. Property tycoon put a bet on Republicans winning the presidency, and now looks to collect a massive £1.2 million. He put down £350,000 between brokers Betfair and Spreadex, so stands to make an overall profit of £850,000.

‘I’m surprised by how everybody is stunned that [Trump] actually won,’ the London-based billionaire told Metro.co.uk as results came in. ‘I didn’t think that it was so black and white. But people are so shocked – I should have got much better odds.’
Tchenguiz is based in London’s Park Lane (Picture: Getty/Rex)
He stayed up watching the election on CNN, but thought Clinton looked set to take it early on as polls gave her a narrow lead. ‘I was about to go to sleep,’ he said. ‘Then I switched on to Fox News and I thought no, she’s not winning, it’s almost equal. So I carried on watching a little longer.’

He said he was happy to put down a winning bet – but wouldn’t be drawn on his feelings towards the candidate himself. ‘Am I happy? I’m not going to comment, happy or not happy,’ he told Metro. ‘We’ll see where it goes. Some of his policies are pretty good, some he will have to tone down. ‘There is going to be a lot of change.

Connor Campbell, a financial analyst at Spreadex, said: ‘It’s official, the US election is now our single biggest betting event ever and we are seeing some huge bets being placed, including one customer who has staked £200,000 on a Trump victory.’

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