PHOTOS: Man Flees Home After Converting To Christianity From Islam Leads To Attack

Nissar Hussain, 49 , with his wife Kubra, 45, and their family (Picture: SWNS)
A man has fled his home under armed guard after suffering ‘years of persecution’ for converting from Islam to Christainity. Dad-of-six Nissar Hussain, who appeared in a Channel 4 TV documentary about mistreatment of Muslim converts, was hospitalised last year after a brutal attack caught on CCTV.

In the assault, two hooded men, one armed with a pick-axe handle, left him with a smashed kneecap. The 50-year-old and his family hanow left their home in Bradford after armed police arrived and moved him to a safe place.
Nissar was attacked outside his home (Picture: SWNS)
His kneecap was smashed in the attack (Picture: SWNS)
He said: ‘My family are distraught and extremely traumatised to be leaving. But when your life is at stake there is no other choice.’ Hussain converted to Christianity 20 years ago, but says in recent years he has been subjected to harassment and violence by sections of the Islamic community, particularly after the documentary aired.

He said: ‘This extreme persecution by certain people in the Muslim community because we are converts has broken us as a family.’ At the time of the attack last year, Hussain said he and his family were being driven out of the city and he was making plans to leave. This week he had started packing up his belongings when the police arrived on Thursday November 3.
Nissar and his family fled the home with the help of armed officers (Picture: SWNS)
Hussain, who was a nurse before leaving work due to post-traumatic stress disorder, says his children, aged eight to 24, and wife would never see their friends again. A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said hate crime would not be tolerated and officers had been working with the family.

He said: ‘Our priority has always been to work effectively with our partners to minimise the risk to Mr Hussain and ensure that we maximise opportunities to put control measures in place to safeguard him, his family and consider any wider impact upon the communities across West Yorkshire. ‘We are disappointed that Mr Hussain and his family have decided to leave Bradford, particularly as police and partners have been working together for some time to try and resolve the situation to the benefit of all parties concerned.’

The spokesman continued: ‘Police and partners would like to stress that there are a number of other people living in the Bradford district who have not experienced any issues based on their faith, conversion to another faith or choosing not to have a faith. ‘Under no circumstances will hate crime be tolerated.’

 - Metro, UK

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