PHOTOS: Facebook Randomly Decided To Kill All Of Its Users

Aw man (Picture: REX/Getty Images)
Facebook killed everyone last night.

If you went to your profile and saw a big banner saying: 
Remembering Ashitha Nagesh (or whatever your own name is)
We hope people who love Ashitha will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate her life
Learn more about memorialised accounts and the legacy contact setting on Facebook
Then don’t panic, scream and frantically press the ‘X’ button (like this reporter may have done, ahem). It’s a glitch that seems to have been sent out to everyone’s profiles, asking them if they’d like to memorialise their own Facebook profiles while also referring to them in the third person, just to make things extra-eerie.
Facebook even killed its own father, Mark Zuckerberg.
Seems like a fitting-enough climax to 2016 – we leave the EU, make Donald Trump president, and then out of nowhere Facebook murders us all.

RIP everyone, it was nice knowing you.

Credit: Metro

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