Man Shot Multiple Times At Anti-Donald Trump Demonstration

The protester was shot during an anti-Donald Trump rally in Portland last night (Picture: Reuters)
A protester has been shot during an anti-Donald Trump demonstration in Portland, Oregon, police have said. The man was taken to hospital following the shooting on Morrison Bridge at around 1am this morning.

According to local media reports, he was shot several times after arguing with a man who was driving a car. The gunman is believed to still be on the loose.
Protests have broken out across the country following Donald Trump’s election win on Tuesday (Picture: Reuters)
Cameron Whitten, who took part in the protest, said he saw four men get out of a car and one of them had a gun. The group then got back in the car and after a short while, the man with the gun came back out of the car and fired ‘five or six’ warning shots into the air.

He told KATU: ‘I saw somebody fall on the ground and then they sped to the east side…. I don’t know who (the victim) is but he is conscious and breathing, he was shot near his thigh.’

Hate crimes have soared ever since Trump’s victory (Picture: Getty Images)
Thousands of people across the US have taken to the streets following Donald Trump’s shock election victory on Tuesday. The protests have been largely peaceful up until yesterday night, when police were forced to use tear gas and flash bang grenades against demonstrators in Oregon.

Elsewhere, police arrested 11 people in New York after they marched from Washington Square Park to Trump Tower in Midtown after a day of peaceful rallies.

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