Man Caught Having Sex With Horse Claims ‘The Beautiful Horse Seduced Him’

A man caught having sex with a horse while on holiday at a Colorado ranch claims the horse ‘seduced’ him. The accused, from Tallahassee in Florida, had checked into the ranch in Conifer for a week’s holiday.

After spending the first day on a horseback tour through the mountains, he went back to his cabin early after telling other guests he was too tired to join for dinner.

But the next morning, the ranch’s owner, Mike, heard commotion from the stables and after investigating, he said he caught the man having sex with the same horse he had rode during the day.
It reportedly happened in rural Colorado (Picture: Getty)
He told the Denver Inquirer: ‘Working on a ranch, I’ve heard stories about some sick freaks that have sex with animals, but I have never seen it in real life. ‘And it was just a disgusting thing to see right in front of me. I shouted out to him: get out of there and get your clothes on.’

After he got decent, Mike asked the man what he was doing, to which he replied: I couldn’t help it, she seduced me when I was riding her today. I just had to have her’.

The ranch owner ordered him to get out of the property immediately and reported the incident to police. In Colorado, sex with animals is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor for first-time offenders.

But it is believed no charges have yet been filed against the guest and that he has already returned to Florida. It’s not the first time someone has claimed an animal has seduced them after being caught having sex with it.

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