David Cameron ‘Paid £2,000/Minute For Giving One Hour Speech On Brexit’

The former PM was reportedly paid more than £120,000 for a speech on Brexit (Picture: PA)
He suffered a humiliating defeat following Brexit but it seems David Cameron is capitalising on that to make money. Rumour has it, the former PM was paid more than £120,000 for a speech that lasted just over an hour.

If you break that down, that’s £2,000/minute.

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Mr Cameron is said to have given the speech to Wall Street financiers in New York last week to discuss the implications of Brexit.

According to the Daily Mail, he was paid more than £120,000 by Blackstone Properties, which is almost as much as the £143,462 he earned in a whole year as PM.

Because he does not need to seek approval for these one-off engagements from the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, it could be the start of a lucrative career for the PM.

It wouldn’t be the first time former prime ministers have gone on to make a large fortune. Former PM Tony Blair went on to make an estimated fortune of £27 million after he quit the House of Commons.

Last month, David Cameron was invited to give a speech for the American private equity firm Bain Capital where he is expected to have been paid a similar amount.

Credit: Metro, UK

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