PICTURED: Woman ‘Denied Entry On To Thorpe Park Colossus Ride Because Her Breasts Were Too Big’

Tanya Willis’ 36L bust was apparently too big for her to ride (Picture: Sunday People)
A woman felt humiliated after she was apparently refused entry on to a Thorpe Park rollercoaster because her breasts were too big. Tanya Willis, 22, said she was forced off the Colossus ride because the harness would not fit over her size 36L bust.

‘They should realise that not everyone has a B cup. Some of us are bigger than that,’ the mother-of-one told the Mirror‘I’m not fat but the safety bars and seats are not designed for large-breasted women. ‘It was really embarrassing having to be chucked off a ride and do a walk of shame past everyone. It ruined my day and I wasn’t even offered a refund.’
She was apparently denied entry on to Colossus (Picture: Wikipedia)
Ms Willis, from London, was further embarrassed when she was apparently denied entry on to the Rush ride for the same reason. She was again faced with having to walk back past a packed queue.

A Thorpe Park spokesman said safety was always the priority and asked Ms Willis to contact the theme park in Chertsey, Surrey.

‘If our restraints do not click into safe mode, we will not allow a guest on the ride for their own safety,’ he said. ‘It will not start unless all restraints are locked. We have restriction boards at each attraction.’

Credit: Metro, UK

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