PICTURED: This Woman Cancelled Her Wedding After A Psychic Told Her It Wouldn’t Work

This woman cancelled her wedding after a psychic told her it wouldn't work
Lisa says the psychic’s words made her stop and think about whether she was getting carried away (Picture: Lisa Marie Manso/Instagram)
Lisa Marie Manso, 28, from Cheshire had thought she and her childhood sweetheart Michael were meant to be. But, her psychic said no.

Lisa was 13-years-old when she first met Michael, a family friend. They were inseparable for six months, until Michael’s family moved away and they lost touch. But, eight years later, they were reunited by chance at a party and, in December 2010, Michael proposed.

‘I felt so lucky to have found Michael again that I wanted our wedding to be a huge celebration,’ Lisa recalls. ‘I booked a five-star hotel then I went dress shopping and picked out a beautiful white gown with a bow on the side and layers of silk and chiffon.’

pic - medavia Lisa and Michael BLURRED.JPG
Lisa and Michael have planned a huge wedding (Picture: Medavia)
It was fate, she thought. Except, apparently, it wasn’t.

Three weeks before the wedding, Lisa decided to see a psychic called Mrs Rae – which does make you wonder if she was having doubts and she admits they’d been ‘arguing a bit’ over the wedding plans. ‘I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing,’ said the mum-of-three.

Lisa removed her engagement ring and she didn’t mention marriage at all, so she was shocked when the psychic starting talking about her wedding day.

‘I look into your eyes and you are destined for big things,’ Lisa says Mrs Rae told her. ‘But she said fate had other plans for me – that my wedding was supposed to come later without all the frills. She envisaged it as small and intimate not the big bash I’d planned. ‘Mrs Rae must have seen the shock on my face because she told me it wasn’t a bad thing, that fate had other plans and that my real wedding, when it happened, would be small and intimate.’

Lisa hadn’t seen that coming and she struggled to get the psychic’s reading out of her head over the next week. She started to wonder whether she’d just been swept along in the romance of it all – the big dress, the cake, the flowers.

To help get closure, Lisa trashed her original wedding dress in a photo shoot last year (Picture: Medavia)
She realised she was stuck in a rut and the arguments had been getting more frequent. ‘This wasn’t what I wanted from my life. I saw bigger and better things for myself.’ The psychic’s words gave her the confidence she needed to tell Michael she wanted to delay the wedding. Although she lost £6,000 and both she and Michael were heartbroken, looking back, she doesn’t regret the decision.

They broke up four months later.

‘I’m so glad I listened to my psychic’s advice,’ she says now. ‘It may have cost me £6,000 but I’m convinced I’d be divorced by now if I’d gone through with the wedding. ‘Who knows how much that might have cost me, emotionally and financially?’

Lisa is now dating someone new – Paul Lane, 50, from London – but she has no wedding plans just yet. She’ll have to run it past Mrs Rae first.

Credit: Metro, UK

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