PHOTOS: Woman ‘Stabbed Pregnant Teenager To Death’ and ‘Stole Her Unborn Baby’

Valissia Fernandes de Jesus was murdered (Picture: EPTV)
A woman is said to be on the run after allegedly trying to steal a teenage girl’s unborn child. Valissia Fernandes de Jesus was stabbed to death and her unborn child was cut from her womb.

The body of the 15-year-old was found inside a barrel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the foetus was abandoned in a bath next to her. Police suspect Mirian Siqueira, 25, of the crime – she had lied to her friends and family that she was pregnant.

Valissia’s sister Elida said: ‘She (Siqueira) suffered from a false pregnancy delusions and we’ve since found out she couldn’t get pregnant.

Mirian Siqueira told family and friends she was pregnant (Picture: EPTV)
Her husband claims she confessed to the murder (Picture: EPTV)
‘She opened up my sister’s womb to take her baby. ‘Her stomach was large so everyone thought her story was true. ‘Now we want justice. We want this woman found and made to pay for what she did.’

Siquiera, who sells baby products, and Valissia met at a photographic studio which was taking pictures of pregnant women. Siquiera’s husband Mateus, who found the bodies, claims his wife confessed to stabbing Valissia at the couple’s home.

He told local media: ‘Mirian said she was pregnant. I have no idea where she is now.’

Credit: Metro, UK

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