PHOTOS: Bigamist ‘Hanged Himself After Third Wife Discovered He Was Looking For A Fourth’

Adrian Linham with his second wife Hayley Totterdell (Picture: SWNS)
A bigamist hanged himself when his third wife discovered that he was looking for another relationship, an inquest heard. Adrian Linham, 44, spent 18 weeks in prison after he was exposed by second wife Liz who saw photos of his third wedding on Facebook.

Linham’s third wife Hayley Totterdell stood by him until after he was released. He was forced to go and live with his mother, Anthea, after Hayley kicked him out when she discovered he was in a relationship with another woman from Cornwall.

His mother received a phone call from police to say that he had been found hanged by a dog walker.

Liz Linham and Adrian Linham at their wedding in May 2007 (Picture: SWNS)
The inquest in Bristol heard that days before his death, Linham had been taken to hospital after people saw him leaning over a cliff. He was admitted to intensive care after Dorset County Hospital found out that he’d taken an overdose.

However, three days later he was discharged from hospital after telling staff he was no longer feeling suicidal. Linham had secretly dated third wife to be Hayley for three years telling his second wife of seven years Liz he was working away as a scuba diver – often in Bangor, North Wales.

Adrian Linham with his second wife Hayley Totterdell (Picture SWNS)
He married Hayley in 2014 on the same Mexican beach where he had whisked Liz away on their honeymoon in 2007. Liz, 37, discovered his deception when she received a letter from her mother-in-law saying she was sorry to see they had divorced and Adrian had remarried.

Linham was jailed for 18 weeks in February last year for marrying third wife Hayley while still legally wed to Liz. He was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after being bullied in jail and witnessed two brothers hang themselves in the cell next to him, the inquest heard.

The inquest continues.

Credit: Metro, UK

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