If Your Penis Starts Bending To One Side, You Should Worry…Probably Get It Checked Out

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Not every penis is ramrod straight, as anyone with even a passing familiarity with porn will tell you – but if it gets TOO bendy you should worry. In particular, if your old chap has developed a new curve to the side or upwards – and it hurts to have sex, go and see a doctor.

A question on Quora has thrown light on Peyronie’s disease – a progressive condition where the penis bends, either to one side or upwards. Dr Leo R Doumanian of the Keck Medicine of USC says, ‘Peyronie’s disease manifests as a progressive penile curvature during erection and oftentimes causes pain, both of which can prevent a man from having penetrative sex.

‘The degree and direction of penile curvatures can range. However, the vast majority of curvatures are either directed laterally to the side or bent upwards towards the ceiling.

‘The curvature is caused by the development of scar tissue, also called a Peyronie’s plaque, surrounding the erectile bodies of the penis.

Dr Doumanian says that a new injectable drug, Xiaflex, can ‘melt away’ the plaque.

He says, ‘Peyronie’s disease is most likely to affect men 40 to 60 years of age. Up to half of men with Peyronie’s disease also experienced erectile dysfunction. If you or your partner suffers from penile curvature, make an appointment with a urologist.’

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