CRUELTY!!! Police Officer ‘Left Daughter To Die In Hot Car While Visiting Fellow Cop’

Cassie Barker’s daughter Cheyenne Hyer, 2, died on Friday (Picture: Facebook/Cassie Barker)
A police officer faces charges after her daughter died in a hot patrol car where it is believed she had been left for four hours. Officer Cassie Barker, who has now been sacked, found her daughter in the car unresponsive on Friday in Long Beach, Mississippi.

According to local reports she had left the car running with the air conditioning on while she visited officer Clark Ladner who has also lost his job, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

Investigators are currently waiting on autopsy and toxicology results. No one has yet been charged with the girl’s death.

Cassie was allegedly visiting a fellow officer, said police (Picture: Facebook/Cassie Barker)
The mother is currently in hospital with a ‘medical condition’, according to police. Hancock County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Don Bass said officials plan to charge Barker with manslaughter as soon as she is released from hospital – possibly as soon as today.

Cheyenne’s father Ryan, who lived with the girl for the first two years of her life, said he was devastated to hear the news. He told Clarion-Ledger: ‘I lost all feeling. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe, then I was flat out crying.

Little Cheyenne with dad Ryan Hyer and mum Cassie Barker (Picture: Facebook/Cassie Barker)
‘After that I just was angry, and I went in the backyard and started beating up the shed.’

Investigators believe Barker was visiting Ladner at his home in the moments before Cheyenne’s death – they were both off duty. Investigator, Glenn Grannan, said investigators have learned that Barker left her daughter alone in a car at least once before, in nearby Gulfport in April 2015.

Temperatures in Mississippi were in the high 80s to low 90s at the time.

The investigation continues.

Credit: Metro, UK

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