WATCH VIDEO: Shocking Moment Wife, Mistress Fight Dirty During Hospital Visit To Husband

DIRTY FIGHT: Shocking Moment Wife, Mistress Fight Dirty During Hospital Visit To Husband
Dramatic footage showing a wife and her husband’s mistress, joined by the husband fighting, has emerged, when they met during a visit to the their man in the hospital. Both wife and her husband’s mistress met and the outcome of this visit left people in the hospital shocked as they could only stand and watch this wrestling session.

The footage which appears to have been taken by a nurse and uploaded to YouTube shows the trio slugging it out in the middle of a ward. The two-minute clip, as reported by Mail Online, starts as the trio are huddled together on the floor, with one woman holding fistful of the other’s hair as the husband tries to separate them.


The group eventually make their way to standing, but despite the husband’s efforts to get one woman to let go of the other’s hair, she refuses.

Eventually the pair is separated, before one of the women goes to pick up an item and throw it at the other, reconsidering at the last minute.

Meanwhile a man assumed to be the husband, wearing what appears to be a hospital gown and shorts, tries to de-escalate the situation. Little else is known about the video, such as where it was filmed, or who the people are. It was uploaded on Sunday, and amassed several thousand views within hours.

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