WATCH: Chimp Makes Purse For Her Breakfast Out Of Leaves

An elderly chimpanzee Bouboule was spotted making a purse from a dried leaf, and using it to carry her breakfast. While it’s an impressive piece of craftsmanship, it didn’t quite work for Bouboule, because she had too much food.
After attempting to hold the purse together with her hand and foot, she gave up, sensibly deciding to start eating the contents instead.
The footage was posted on Facebook by In Defense of Animals Africa, who helped to bring her to the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Centre in Cameroon. According to the Facebook post, Bouboule normally comes out of the forest for breakfast but didn’t emerge one morning, so workers at the rescue centre kept her breakfast for her.


The post said: ‘When she showed up for the 11:00 snack of peanuts, (the caretakers) had a lot of food to give her. ‘She clearly wanted to carry her bounty of fruits and nuts back to the forest to savour, as she sometimes chooses to do with her food, but this day it was too much for her hands to carry.’

Worker Gomdong Julien can be heard telling Bouboule in French that her purse is torn and she should eat where she is.
In the end she decided to eat it anyway (Picture: In Defense of Animals – Africa)
But the logic was sound (Picture: In Defense of Animals – Africa)
Here’s the post in full:

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