‘Taiwo, It’ll Never Be Well With You’ – Heartbroken Nigerian Lady Cursed Her Fiancé of 3 Years After Discovering Online He’d Married Another Woman

HEARTBROKEN: Shalom Miriam Shehu
Image via Miriam's twitter page
Earlier today [Sept 21] a shocked and heartbroken Nigerian lady, Shalom Miriam Shehu from Borno State, took to her twitter page and revealed how she found out her fiancé of 3 years got married to another woman this past weekend.

In a series of tweets, an emotional Miriam disclosed how she gave her supposedly 'husband-to-be', Taiwo, 'everything he wanted', including 'paying for his Msc in Kingston'.
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'What will I do with my life now? You have taken love away from me. You have shamed me, Miriam tweeted.

Read her tweets Below:

I keep saying, ladies should learn how to choose themselves over guys over and over again...sorry girl. Hopefully, the man Taiwo would have his day in court by giving his side of the story.


Miriam has now deleted her twitter page where she expressed her frustration towards her boyfriend of 3 years, but then, trust yours sincerely for having a backup of her screen shots as capture below:

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