PICTURED: This Vibrating Alarm Clock Would Wake You Up With An Orgasm

We hate our alarm clock/phone alarm for rudely dragging us out of sleep every morning. But, perhaps this punchy little alarm clock would soften the blow slightly. You’d at least wake up with a smile on your face – if it works.

We’re talking about the Little Rooster. It’s the vibrating alarm clock that promises to wake you with an orgasm.

As the strapline goes, ‘Wake Sexy’. Or flustered. Or confused. Or not at all. You simply set the time you want to be aroused from sleep and then pop it in your pants – the long plastic bit sits on the clitoris.

Don’t worry – this looks massive but it’s not that big (Picture: Little Rooster)
The device will then start vibrating at the requested time. The vibrations start small and then build in intensity over a five minute period, to wake you up.

‘You wake slowly. Sensually. Pleasurably. Feeling confident. Happy. Aroused,’ says the website.

   - Metro, UK

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