PICTURED: Pitch Invader Approaches Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger To Give Him A Pie

Arsene Wenger rudely declining the kind gesture of a pie. (Picture: Getty)
Arsene Wenger had a wonderfully pleasant night away at Nottingham Forest, a confident 4-0 victory and a very special gift from one of his supporters.

That special gift? Why it was a pie of course.

I’m not entirely sure what inspired the supporter in question to hop over the advertising boards for his random kind act of kindness, nor am I sure why the Frenchman didn’t accept such a generous offer.

The questions are never-ending on this one. Why was the wonderful man manhandled? And, perhaps more importantly, what type of pie was it?
The man being unfairly thrown out of the ground. (Picture: Twitter)
But fear not pie lovers, the savory snack in question was not ejected with the supporter… 

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