PHOTOS: Man Stabbed Friend To Death After Row Over Which Game They Played On Xbox

Azeem Issa will be sentenced later this week (Picture: Met Police)
A wannabe gangster stabbed his friend to death after a row over which game to play on the Xbox. Azeem Issa lost it because he wanted to play Ultimate Fighting Challenge while his victim and others wanted to play Fifa.

Mr Roy and his friends teased Issa, who was also known as Ricardo, and, a couple of days later, things had not calmed down. They exchanged jokes about one another’s mothers while they were rolling a joint at Mr Roy’s home in Isleworth, West London.

They got into an argument and Issa stabbed him in the neck with a 4cm flick knife.
Sahill Roy was killed by his friend following a row about a computer game (Picture: Central)
‘In an outburst of temper, the defendant pulled out a knife he had concealed and stabbed Mr Roy twice, once in the right shoulder and once to the right side of his neck, Ms Jones, the prosecutor added: ‘There was some disagreement about which game they would play, FIFA or UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion), said.

‘Ricardo got irritated because he couldn’t play the game he wanted. In the end they gave him the spliff to stop him moaning. ‘They played the game and at one point Ricardo got wound up because Sahill was teasing him about losing.’

Two days later Issa went round to Roy’s home. The pair argued over the cannabis when Roy started making crude comments about Issa’s mother. Issa claimed Roya attacked him with the knife and he stabbed him in self defence.

This afternoon [Sept 26] at the Old Bailey, a jury unanimously convicted Issa of murder.

Credit: Metro, UK

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