PHOTO: Student Expelled For Sending Racist Snapchat…“Feels Good To Finally Be A Ni**Er”


Kansas State Student Expelled For Sending Racist Snapchat

A Kansas State Student has learned that what you put on the internet can affect you in real life reports KSNT:

It started with the photo Paige Shoemaker posted who’s on the right side of the photo in the video above. Then it made its way over to Facebook where Kansas State University was tagged. Shortly after that the post was shared to many students on campus.
“We want people to know this is not blackface. We did not paint our faces intentional,” said Paige Shoemaker.
“In this era, why do we need to keep educating people on a university that’s diverse,” Kansas State University Student, Lani Sandoval asked. “Do you know what I mean? There’s no reason to keep educating people and for her to actually post a picture like that.”
Morris said the school has to follow due process but hundreds of Facebook comments, reviews and Tweets showed people wanted more from the university.
So why did Shoemaker and friend Sadie Meier use a derogatory word in that snap?
“I mean, not that this is a good thing but we kind of like,that word kind of happens in our friend group (because) we know that everyone is calm. We’re a big family so that word does not offend anyone in our group,” Shoemaker said.

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