How We Planned To Kidnap Oil Magnet, Femi Otedola – Kidnap Kingpin

A 28-year-old man, Ikechukwu Daniel, suspected to be a member of a notorious kidnapping gang terrorizing the South Western part of the country, has been arrested by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, for allegedly masterminding the April 27, 2016, abduction of Senator Iyabo Anisulowo in Ogun State. 

Narrating how he and his gang had planned to kidnap oil magnet, Femi Otedola, Daniel said;
There was someone working with Otedola who brought the kidnapping job to us and the person told us that he was going to be in Ibadan. When we went, we saw that there was heavy security presence around him and I told my gang members that we must wait and plan very well before carrying out the operation. I told them that the first thing I would do to ensure the success of the operation was to do spiritual sacrifice to the gods and ensure that I defeat them spiritually before going for him. You know a man like Otedola, is powerful spiritually. Then, the next step was to ensure that we get army, DSS and police uniforms. I realized without impersonation, there was no way I would be able to go close to a man of such statute. 

Our last plan was to ensure that we monitor his movements regularly through our contact which is that person close to him and we would strike on a day that he has very little security men around me. I would have achieved all this by November and if we had succeeded, it was going to be my last job as I would have demanded N2billion and I was hopeful he will pay me nothing less than N500 million.”

Daniel also disclosed that he made sure that he was always two steps ahead of security operatives by ensuring that he was acquainted with strategies of the DSS and the police in tackling kidnapping and other violent crimes. “I have a friend who is into hacking and he helped me hack into DSS and police websites and through that process, I normally monitor their new tracking methods. Before I was arrested, I knew the police were looking for me but I believed in my knowledge of Nigeria security apparatus. But it failed me.

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