TERROR IN TEXAS: Five Police Officers Have Been Shot Dead By At Least Two Snipers At A Protest In Dallas, Texas

A policeman lies on the ground after apparently being shot during a sniper attack in Dallas - DALLAS KDFW
FIVE US police are dead after armour-clad snipers picked off 11 cops in a murderous “ambush” at a protest against the shooting of two black men. One of the suspects has reportedly shot himself during a stand off with SWAT teams after warning there were bombs “all over” Dallas.

One horrific video caught the moment a hero police officer was shot execution-style as he tried to fight back against the attackers - FOX NEWS
Five cops were killed while seven more were wounded during the Black Lives Matter rally in Texas - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
One man was involved in a stand-off with police in a parking garage. He shot himself after first threatening SWAT teams with bombs - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
The violence follows the deaths of two young black men by police this week. Footage of the two killings provoked outrage across America - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
Terrifying footage of the "ambush" emerged as police ducked for cover behind their cars - FOX NEWS
A man is treated by desperate officers following the gun attacks in Texas. Five officers were shot dead during the assault - DALLAS KDFW
Shots rang out around 8.45pm local time last night. The terrifying moment was caught on camera as civilians fled for cover - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
A victim is treated by paramedics as emergency services race to save those injured during the rampage - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
One of the suspects was holed up inside the car park of a nearby college - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
He reportedly threatened police with bombs before shooting himself. It is not known if he survived - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
Heavily-armed SWAT teams descended on the city to regain some order as it emerged at least one of the attackers was wearing armour - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
Names of the police injured and killed in the attacks began to emerge on Friday morning - AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS
He had barricaded himself inside a car parl at the El Centro Community College and told officers bombs had been planted across Dallas warned "the end is coming".

Loud blasts were heard in the area as police surrounded the building. Three other suspects - including one woman - are in police custody.

Police chief David Brown said: "The suspect that we are negotiating with has told our negotiators 'the end is coming' and he is going to hurt and kill more of us and that there are bombs all over the place in the garage and downtown.

"We still don’t have complete comfort level that we have all the suspects."
Brown had earlier described how the shooters had carefully co-ordinated their attack to kill as many officers as possible. Three other suspects have been detained by police following the shootings at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, at 8.45pm local time.

Identities of the killed officers began to emerge this morning as the full horror of the gun rampage became clear. DART officers Brent Thompson was the first to be named. The 43-year-old had joined the force in 2009.

Police officer Brent Thompson, 43, was the first victim to be named following the devastating attacks - LINKEDIN 
A father paid a heartbreaking tribute to his son Patrick Zamarripa, who was killed in the shooting. Rick Zamarripa took to Facebook to write: "Most of you already know this by now today in Dallas , my son is a police officer in Dallas he was working there the rally in downtown where my son was shot and killed by a sniper along with four other police officers maybe more at this moment I'm still at the hospital here in Parkland Hospital to see him be moved to the medical examiner's office ,, need prayers to get through this."
Patrick's stepbrother also posted an emotion tribute on Twitter.

Dylan Martinez posted a photo oh him with his son alongside the caption: "No father should have to bury his son. You are a hero, Patrick. Love you man. #PrayForDallas"

Shetamia Taylor was shot in the calf as she attempted to shield her son from the shooting spree - FACEBOOK
Officer Misty McBride was amongst those shot during the violence. She is likely to survive her injuries after being shot in the shoulder - LINKEDIN
Stories emerged of incredible bravery as the attack unfolded. Mother Shetamia Taylor was shot in the calf as she attempted to shield her 15-year-old son, bundling him under a nearby car.

Police officer and mother Misty McBride was shot in the shoulder but is expected to survive her wounds. Witness Ismael Dejesus told CNN one of the assailants was carrying "a pretty big magazine".

He said: "He got out of there, walked over to the pillar, put a magazine in and started firing. It did look planned. He knew where to stand, he had ammo ready." Grisly footage of the shooting emerged this morning, with one showing a hero cop being shot execution style after he tried to take on one of the attackers.

The cop fires a shot at the man, but the bullet bounces off the attacker's armoured vest before he shoots the officer. Others were picked off from an "elevated position" as they walked the streets of the Texan city.

  - The SUN, UK

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