WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Footage Shows How Sex Dolls Are Made In Factory - Lips, Breasts and All

Sex dolls are becoming more popular, but one man is using his for a 'fantasy relationship'
A queue of women with naked breasts might sound sexy to some, but it's different in reality when they're SEX DOLLS being produced on a factory line. The silicon boobs have no nipples, the perfectly formed torsos are without heads - and, as can be seen in the rows of disembodied mouths, the dolls are put together in a world away from the sexualised one in which their future lies.

The footage, shared by Super Deluxe, was filmed in the Real Doll factory, and throws new light on the industry standard sex toys.

Thanks to new developments, the pleasure aids have undergone a renaissance recently, with more than ever turning to them in lieu of human company when they have intimate thoughts. The current iterations of Real Dolls can be bought in different body types with different faces, depending on customer preference. Outside the US, it's reported that the three largest international markets are Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Each doll can be custom-made and costs around £4,770 to start, with customised models at £8,620 plus, making them among the world's most expensive sex dollsStarting from the silicone mould, the Real Doll, whose primary function is to serve as a sex partner, takes 80 hours to create.

Fingernails, nipples, hair and make-up can all be subject to customer's specifications.
The factory in Los Angeles is run by Abyss Creations LLC
A selection of the mouths waiting to be attached to their dolls
The finished product makes each Real Doll one of the world's most successful sex dolls
Outside the US where they are made, the largest international markets are the UK, Germany and Australia
Silicone is used to best imitate human skin on the dolls
The dolls are created with a PVC skeleton with steel joints which make them poseable
Real Doll has different face types for customers to choose from


Sex doll photographs reveal 'fantasy relationship' of lonely man who sleeps and eats with 'toy'

Sex dolls are on the rise, and one photographer has shared images of his encounters with his own companion. But while there are those of us who dismiss the practice as not being a real relationship, June Korea shows an emotional connection with his pretend girlfriend.

New York-based June, originally from South Korea, admits it was profound loneliness which led him to buy his doll, who he called Eva - and now has a 'fantasy' with her. He says within the fantasy world, he records their relationships as if it's real - adding that they they eat, sleep and travel together.

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