PHOTOS: This Car Burnt Beyond Recognition, But The Driver Survived By A Whisker...Earlier Today At Mile 2 Lagos

LUCKY ESCAPE: The burning car was hit from behind by a fuel tanker according to an eyewitness
When a man leaves his house in peace in search of ‘daily bread’ and he returns to his house peacefully unhurt, such is a lucky man, especially when you live in Lagos...

Sadly, an unnamed man was not so lucky, but should be thankful he made it out of his burning car; he was driving his car along Apapa Expressway, Lagos when this happened to him Tuesday [Apr 5] morning. He survived by a whisker. 

According to an eyewitness, a fuel tanker hit him from behind and his car catches fire immediately. At a time when fuel scarcity was biting so hard in the country, one could only imagine he was not carrying fuel in kegs.

This accident happened opposite FAGBEMS filling station, close to Mile 2. The car driver sustained an injury to his leg, a broken bone. He was later rescued by the men of the Federal Road Safety Corps. It was not sure if the fuel tanker driver was arrested.

What a lucky man...

More images below:

CREDITS: Ogbeni Ife

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