MARRIED TO SELF!!! Woman Changes Her Name To Beautiful Existence and Then Marries Herself [PHOTOS]

Beautiful Existence is coming up to her first anniversary (Picture: PA Real Life)
A woman who changed her name to Beautiful Existence and then married herself in a romantic ceremony in Paris last year, is urging others to follow in her footsteps. After changing her name from Desiree Longabaugh, Beautiful Existence travelled from her home in Seattle to marry herself in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, surrounded by three friends and led through her vows by a US officiant, via Skype.

Ahead of her one year wedding anniversary in June, Beautiful, 42, says she believes everyone should self-marry. ‘It allows you to drop that pressure of having to have somebody else with you in order to be successful,’ she said. ‘I’d recommend it as much as I’d recommend being a parent, because the level of love you’ll feel is something you can’t describe until you do it.’

The wedding, including her birthday celebrations, cost around £4,900 (Picture: PA Real Life)
Beautiful, who is mum to two boys Edge, 16 and Epic, six, was previously married for ten years, but believes she lost her spark during her marriage. A painful divorce left her wondering if a traditional marriage was for her. Having heard about self-marriage online, she started to do a little research.

‘After years of exploring different theories on how to understand myself, self-marriage felt right,’ she said. ‘Why couldn’t I have a fun, fantastic ceremony the way that I wanted it to be without somebody else’s approval?’ Within a month, she had started to plan her own wedding, picking the date to coincide with her birthday.

Beautiful married herself under the Eiffel Tower (Picture: PA Real Life)
On June 10, beneath the Eiffel Tower, Beautiful married herself, reciting very similar vows to the ones she had said at her first wedding years previously. She found the experience life-changing, and says she no longer looks for a partner to make her happy.

‘The highest measurement of success society pretty much has is whether or not you’re in a couple, but it shouldn’t be that way,’ she argues. ‘It’s like we’re programmed to be in couples, but it’s not a measure of success. ‘A measure of success is loving yourself, and if you can do that, you come into a relationship as a better person. I don’t worry at all about being in a couple now.’

Beautiful with her sons Edge and Epic (Picture: PA Real Life)
Beautiful says the reaction to her marriage is generally positive and she has the support of her sons. Her sons, she says, realise their mum doesn’t follow the usual rules – ‘I mean, I have a Mohawk. My name is Beautiful Existence,’ she laughs.

‘Sometimes, people don’t know how to take the idea that I’m married to myself,’ she admits. But that’s because we’ve had this notion that you’re only worthy if you have somebody drummed into us. ‘What we need to realise is that we all already have somebody – we have ourselves.’

   - Metro, UK

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