GRAPHIC CONTENT: 17-Year-Old Girl Has A Mystery Condition That Causes Her To Bleed From The Eyes and Ears

Marnie bleeds from her eyes, ears and tongue - but doctors are unable to determine what's wrong with her 
A GIRL who bleeds from her ears, eyes and mouth has told of her horrifying struggle as doctors remain unable to determine what's wrong. Marnie-Rae Harvey regularly suffers blood spontaneously seeping from her eye, ears, beneath her tongue and from her scalp.

Shockingly, baffled doctors are unable to determine what is causing the horrifying bleeding, which is steadily getting worse, and have dubbed her "Mystery Girl" as they search for a diagnosis.

Medics have dubbed her 'mystery girl' as they are unable to determine the cause of her illness
Her terrifed mum says she has to "shake her every morning to check she is alive" due to the "devastating" illness, which leaves the 17-year-old housebound. Mum Cath said: "It's absolutely devastating. It happens every single day. We've just gone through 12 days of solid bleeding from her tongue and scalp.

"She is sick four or five times a day, vomiting blood."

Last July the teen, who has now lost most of her friends as a result of remaining housebound, woke up with a pool of blood seeping out of her eye.

The teen says she has lost most of her friends as the illness keeps her housebound
Confused doctors were unable to diagnose the mystery illness - but it soon became worse, with blood beginning to seep from Marnie's ears, scalp, tongue and fingernails.

Heartbroken Cath said: "It feels like we're living in a horror movie. At first it was only her eye. She woke up in a pool of blood. "She came downstairs with the blood pouring from her eye. We rushed her to A&E but they could do nothing for her."

Cath explained the bleeding moved from her ears, where big blood clots would come out, to her fingernails and scalp. She said: "The strangest thing is her eye can be pouring blood until her face is covered and then suddenly it stops and the whites of her eyes are clear."

The bleeding will begin and stop very suddenly
Someone has to stay at home in Stoke-on-Trent with Marnie at all times in case something happens, as she often vomits blood. Cath adds one of the worst things is people's reaction to the horror illness, saying: "There's the scare factor. We go to A&E all the time in a panic at the symptoms but there is nothing they can do.

"Last time we were there everyone was taking pictures of her and saying how disgusting it was. I had to take her outside, where she passed out."

Marnie has been confirmed she does not have a brain tumour, no blood diseases, no clotting disorders - but doctors are unable to put their finger on the cause of her bleeding.

Marnie's horrified mum said people take photos when she goes to A&E
An ultrasound showed her liver, kidneys, womb, ovaries and organs are all functioning perfectly - as well as her ears, eyes, nose and throat. MRI scans, CT scans and multiple blood tests also all showed up normal. The teen is currently waiting to see a gynaecologist to determine whether the illness, which gets worse around her period, is linked to her uterus.

Blood clots come out of Marnie's ears whenever she has one of the horrific bleeding attacks Marnie Harvey
Marnie said: "It's weird, scary, really scary. I woke up the first time in a pool of blood. I walked downstairs and my eye was bleeding and the whole side of my face was covered in blood. My family were so shocked.

"I applied for a hairdressing course but I had to stop for fear of bleeding on the customers. I've lost most of my friends, they don't want to see me. I'm always at home. My life is on hold, I can't go to college.

"My eyes are the most shocking thing. I wish the doctors would just find what it is. No one has ever seen anything like it before."

   - THE SUN, UK

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