CHILD ABDUCTION: Ese Oruru Remains In Police Custody As Father Confirms Pregnancy

VEILED: Ese Oruru at Police Headquarters, Abuja
The father of Ese Oruru, the 14-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted, forcefully converted to Islam and married by Yinusa Dahiru, a Kano indigene, yesterday confirmed everyone’s worst fears that his teenage daughter had been impregnated possibly by her abductor.

Charles Oruru, in a brief conversation with THISDAY, confirmed that his daughter was truly pregnant, but added that he had left the next course of action on her abduction to the government and law enforcement agencies. He said his daughter was hale and hearty, though he expressed his profound sadness that the issue had become more complex with the pregnancy.

Both parents, Rose and Charles, who have become the cynosure of all eyes since the saga attained national prominence, had deserted their family home located in Opolo, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, when THISDAY visited on Thursday.

THISDAY learnt that they stayed away to stave off media interest in the issue that has dominated national discourse in the last one week.

During a brief conversation with THISDAY, Charles Oruru said:
“My daughter is hale and hearty. I have seen her and she’s very fine,” Mr Oruru said. When pressed further whether the rumour was true that his daughter was pregnant, he said: “That is it.”
Oruru, who is in his fifties, was obviously agitated by the questions and sought a quick end to the conversation, but not before he added that he had left the prosecution of the young man to the authorities. “Everything you have read in the papers is true. You have read it. Be fast about this because I am in a hurry. Have I answered your question?” he asked.

An obviously irate Mr. Oruru added: “You asked me what is the next line of action? I have left the boy who did all this to me for the government. Let the government handle his case. Hope you are satisfied now?”

It was also learnt that after her arrival in the state Wednesday evening, Ese remained in the custody of the police in Yenagoa. The police had said she would undergo counselling and would be shielded from the public till the heat generated by the saga subsides.

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