PHOTOS: Bulldog Undergoes Hollywood Style Facelift To Help Him With Breathing and Sight Problems

Move over Kim Kardashian (Picture: SWNS)
This is Frank the bulldog – and he’s been on the receiving end of a Hollywood style makeover after getting a massive facelift. But far from being a vain, image-conscious Frank’s facelift was actually necessary in giving him a new lease of life after suffering from a number of medical problems.

The four-year-old bulldog is a victim of irresponsible breeding – which left him with painful ulcers on his eyeballs, skin and a partially blocked airway which meant he struggled to breathe.

But after his owners took the adopted dog to charity vets Blue Cross, they decided that it was necessary for Frank to go under the knife.

Emmeline Macedo, deputy nurse manager at the Blue Cross animal hospital in Merton, south west London, said: ‘He is a lovely, bright and intelligent dog and we were eager to help him as much as we could.

Frank the bulldog pictured before he had a facelift (Picture: SWNS)
‘Firstly, our team gave him antibiotics and steroids for his skin and medication to treat his eyes. ‘He then underwent surgery to open up his airways under general anaesthetic.’ Frank also had a giant flap of skin on his face removed to help him see properly – but is now on the road to recovery.

Frank is now looking pretty flyyyyy (Picture: SWNS)
Emmeline added: ‘Frank recovered very well from both surgeries and continues to receive treatment for his eyes, skin and ears. ‘He will most likely need this for the rest of his life, but his quality of life has certainly improved and he can breathe much more easily.’

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