Woman, 22, Commits Suicide After Argument With Mom Over Spilled Milk

A popular idiom says it’s no use crying over spilled milk. Well, this idiom may be wrong after all, as a Kenyan woman has not only cried, but killed herself after a heated argument between her and her mother over spilled milk.

The 22-year-old Margaret Wanyanga reportedly accidentally spilled the milk after milking a cow in her home in Ithareini village, Kirinyaga County. According to News24, the lady woke up as usual, milked the family’s cow before delivering some milk to a nearby collection centre.

She also bought some wheat flour for her family at the end of the day’s errand.

However, trouble reportedly started after her return home.

A neighbour said: “But on returning, she poured some milk on the floor. There was bitter domestic quarrel. She went missing and shortly after she was found dangling from a guava tree within their family compound.” Police reportedly waded into the matter, and took away her phone as well as her mother’s, on the suspicion that she sent a message before deciding to end her life.

Her remains have since been deposited in a nearby mortuary.

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