PHOTOS: ISIS ‘Throws Man From Roof To His Death For Being Gay’

The man is walked up some stairs – the captions says: ‘Bringing the guilty man to the place of execution’
Images have emerged of a man apparently being pushed to his death from the roof off a building in the Iraqi city of Rawa. He pictured falling from the roof in front of a crowd of people because he was alleged to be gay. 

The images were posted online yesterday by the ‘Media office of Euphrates Province’.

The man is led to the edge of the roof – the caption also says: ‘Bringing the guilty man to the place of execution’
Two or three men were on the roof with their victim – again the caption says ‘Bringing the guilty man to the place of execution’
The images have not been verified and it is not known when the they were taken and details about the victim are also currently unknown. Underneath the images on the website where they were posted it says: ‘Please don’t forgot to pray for us’

Isis is now believed to have killed at least 26 people because they were believed to be gay, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

This caption says: ‘A number of Muslims gather in the place of the sentence of execution’
The man is thrown from the building – the caption says ‘The execution, as sentenced by God, of the people of Lut in the city of Rawa’
This man is the 17th person to have been thrown from the top of a building while another six were stoned to death and three were shot in the head. Those who survive being thrown from buildings are then killed either by stoning or the crowd below.

Those figures were released nearly two weeks ago following the death of a 15-year-old boy who was allegedly raped by senior Daesh officer Abu Zaid al-Jarzawi.

The caption is repeated in this image of the man after being pushed from the building
At least 26 people have been murdered by Isis because it is thought they were gay

  - Metro, UK

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