PHOTOS: Emotional Celine Dion Bids Farewell To René Angélil After 22-Year-Marriage In Touching Public Funeral

Somber day: Celine Dion stands over the coffin of her husband with their twins Nelson and Eddy and son René Charles

Celine Dion led hundreds of mourners in an emotional final farewell to her late husband René Angélil on Friday. The heartbroken singer elegantly dressed in a black full-sleeve dress and a long black veil managed to maintain her composure for the touching ceremony remembering the showbiz manager at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal.

She was joined by her three children. Older son René Charles, 14, escorted his elderly grandmother Thérèse, 88, into the service, while Celine walked in gripping the hands of her twin five-year-old sons Nelson and Eddy,

A huge number of well-wishers also gathered for the 'national funeral' service - filling the aisles of the church and the area outside. A national funeral is the closest a non-politician can get to a state funeral in Canada and is in-part paid for by the government. The couple are so popular in the province and the country at large that Angélil and his grieving wife were offered the highest honor.

Also in attendance was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, and federal Heritage Minister Mélanie Jol. 

Angélil died of throat cancer at the age of 73 on January 14, Celine, 46, was almost 26 years his junior. The couple met when she was just 12-years-old when he became her manager - with Angélil mortgaging his home to help her make her first record. 

They had a secret affair that began seven years later but they didn't go public for another five in fear of criticism over their age gap. They were married in a lavish wedding broadcast on Canadian TV in December 1994. At first her mother wouldn't approve of the couple but eventually came to accept him as her son-in-law while Celine referred to him as 'the only boyfriend I ever had'. 

Céline Dion greets public at visitation for René Angelil,
Céline Dion is standing by the open casket of her husband, René Angelil, greeting dignitaries and the public.Full story:
Posted by CBC News on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Overcome: Celine sets her head down on her husband's coffin in a silent moment during the service
Grief-stricken: Older son René Charles, 14, escorted his elderly grandmother, Therese, into the service while Celine walked in gripping the hands of her twin five-year-old sons Nelson and Eddy
Family support: Celine DIon arrived at her husband's funeral surrounded by her children and escorted by her elderly mother

Grief-striken: The burden on the star was clear to see as she arrived at church - her face covered in a black veil

Celine wore a full-sleeve black dress and a full black veil to the service in honor of her late husband
Composed: Celine Dion kept remarkable composure while arriving to the funeral holding the hands of her youngest sons 

Farewell: Celine waves to the fans that turned out to show support for the singer in her time of grief as she departs the funeral
Support: Teen son René Charles has been a tower of strength to his superstar mother both in Friday's funeral and Thursday's memorial service

Gathered: Celine and her three sons are joined by her and Rene's extended family as they gather in front of his coffin

Brave: Celine DIon held it together as she led mourning for her late husband René Angélil at his funeral in Montreal on Friday 
Heartbroken: Celine has a silent moment with the man she spent almost her entire life with both professionally and personally 
Mom-of-three: Celine was supported throughout the service by her eldest son René Charles, 14, pictured 
Final farewell: Celine Dion lovingly placed a rose on the casket of her late husband René Angélil

No words: Celine lays her head on the coffin during the ceremony standing alone with her husband for the final time

Young sons: Celine Dion and René Angélil's two twin five-year-olds touchingly dressed in matching bow-ties and fedoras, pictured, joined her at the funeral of their father 
Day of mourning: The service was broadcast on giant screens outside the Basilica - the church where the couple was married in December 1994 - and flags across Quebec will remain at half-mast throughout the day
A prayer before the last farewell: The singing sensation approached the open casket with her head down and wearing a black coat, gloves and pumps at Thursday's memorial

A tear-jerking moment: The Loved Me Back To Life star took a long look at her spouse, broke down in tears and wiped her face with a gloved hand

She had time for others: The beauty made sure her makeup was done nicely as she greeted fan after fan with a handshake at Thursday's memorial service

Time to grieve: Dion has taken a break from her Las Vegas residency and won't be back on stage until February

His farewell: The music manager lay in an open casket as fans poured into the church to see him
Words of comfort: Celine, her son René Charles and members of the family stood quietly as a priest addressed the mourners on Thursday
Lean on me: Celine took her eldest son's arm as they left the memorial service in the evening accompanied by family members for support

They were devoted to each other: The couple together on the red carpet at the Veronic Voices premiere at Bally's in Las Vegas in June 2013

In the early years of their relationship: Celine (center) with René (left) and Eddy Marnay (right) in 1985

  - Daily Mail

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