Dying Lion Saved After Tourists Post Photos On Facebook

The young male lion was found distressed and in agony by holidaymakers Meliska Viljoen and Meike Pettit (Picture: Mercury)

According to Metro, UK, a dying lion with a snare around its neck was found ‘begging for help’ on a road in South Africa. Two tourists, Meliska Vijoen and Meike Pettit, came across the young male staggering towards them while on a safari tour in Kruger National Park.

They immediately alert park officials and posted pictures of the injured animal on Facebook. ‘[Our safari group] found the lion in the road clearly asking for help,’ Meliska Vijoen wrote on the post, adding that help was slow to arrive. Hundreds of social media users commented on the post, rallying to save the beast.

Wonderful news. The Lion that was spotted with a snare around its neck in the Kruger National Park has been found and treated. Well done to all involved.
Posted by Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Park rangers meanwhile closed off the road and dispatched vets to track down and rescue the lion. It was a race against the clock.

Tourists on safari were left in tears after they discovered a lion close to death with a snare around its neck in one of South Africa’s top national parks (Picture: Mercury)
Park officials found the lion a few hours later, sedated him and worked on removing the snare. There was a moment vets believed they might have to put the animal down, after discovering the snare had pierced his eyeball, but luckily they were eventually able to patch him up. ‘All went well. The lion is now awake and will be monitored,’ a spokesman wrote on the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation’s Facebook page afterwards.

Vets worked around the clock to save him (Picture: Mercury)

The young male lion has now been returned to the wild, with Wild Heart Foundation posting a photo of ‘Percy’ finding his feet back in the wild. Park rangers believe the snare had been placed in the park to trap smaller animals for food.

Big boy 'Percy' finding his feet again after being treated in the Kruger National Park for injuries sustained to his...
Posted by Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The Lion was shot and killed with live ammunition
A lion which escaped early Wednesday [Dec. 2] from a wild life park in Jos, Plateau State, has been killed. An official of the Plateau State Ministry of Tourism, in charge of the park, Abdullahi Abe, told PREMIUM TIMES the animal had been shot dead.

He said the body of the lion would be taken to the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Jos south Local Government Area the state, for preservation. Mr. Abe said the lion did not harm anyone as speculated. He did not give further details.

The police spokesperson, Abuh Emmanuel, said officers had hoped to recover the lion alive. “We had dispatched our men with experts in search of the lion with the intention to recover the animal alive,” he told PREMIUM TIMES.

The escape of the lion caused panic in the town as many residents stayed indoors for fear of being attacked. Docars Gwani, a resident at the federal low cost housing estate near the park, said they were afraid that the animal could attack anyone.

The general manager of the park, John Doy, had said the lion, which had been kept since 1972, “slipped through the gate of the cage when it was opened for its routine feeding”. “The animal is still within the vicinity of the park but our fear is that the park is not fenced,” he had warned.

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