Malaysia Airlines Flight Headed In Wrong Direction Until Pilot Realised They Were Heading For Ocean

The red line shows where the plane should have gone (Picture: Flight Radar)
When you’re driving you might make the odd wrong turn here and there, but if you’re flying a plane you’d expect a bit more accuracy. However, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH132 taking off from Auckland, New Zealand, headed in the wrong direction.

It was only when the pilot realised eight minutes into the flight that they were heading for Melbourne rather than Kuala Lumpur.

The flight was sent in the wrong direction (Picture: Getty)
He contacted air traffic control to find out what was going on before steering the plane in the right direction. They said the plane was following a flight path given to it by Airways – New Zealand’s air navigation provider.

A spokesman for Airways told the NZ Herald: ‘The flight plan the airline filed with us was going to Kuala Lumpur but via a slightly different route than the pilot was expecting.

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