HAJJ STAMPEDE: I May Recommend To Nigerian Govt That Nigerians Stop Devil Stoning – Says Emir of Kano, Sanusi

The Emir of Kano and leader of the Central Coordinating Team of this year’s Hajj, Muhammad Sanusi II, has said that he will recommend that Nigerians stop participating in the Jamarat (symbolic stoning of the devil) rite of Hajj in Mina, except they are given accommodations close to the site.

He stated this yesterday in Mecca when he led an official delegation on a visit to pilgrims’ residences. Sanusi said that blacks, particularly Nigerians were not responsible for the Mina stampede that led to over 900 dead and another over 900 injured.

He, however, said Nigeria did not have any issue with the Saudi authorities, but that they must understand that no human being is superior to another in the sight of Allah, except he who fears Allah most and that the stoning of the devil was not worth the blood of any Muslim.

Emir Sanusi who quoted several verses of the Qur’an, said of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had stated that refusal to even perform the stoning of devil ritual does not in any way invalidates one’s Hajj. “During the era of Prophet Muhammad, he permitted pilgrims who came on camels to stay in Mecca after Arafat, instead of staying in Mina and sleeping at Muzdalifa. So, if the Prophet can give such grace to some people, just to protect their animals, why didn’t our scholars educate our people properly to avoid this untoward hardship and death?

“Therefore, it will be part of my recommendation to the Federal Government that if we cannot get accommodation close to Jamarat, where the Arabs reside in Mina, then this year may be the last time we will sleep in Mina and Muzdalifa because we want to stone the devil.

“Besides, if one deliberately refuses to even perform the stoning of the devil rituals, all he needs to do is just to slaughter a ram. So, if this is the situation, why do we go and suffer and die instead of sacrificing a ram. As is it presently, sleeping in Mina and Muzdalifa is not backed by any Hadith (sayings/deeds of Prophet Muhammad) or verse of the Qur’an. So, why do we continue to do it?” he said.

 - Daily Trust

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