WATCH VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg Gives Us A Tour Of Facebook HQ – And He Doesn’t Have An Office

(Picture: Facebook)
Social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg showed his new Facebook HQ, and surprisingly, the doesn’t even have his own office. Instead, he’s got a tiny desk smack-bang in the middle of a mammoth open plan room. The only thing that’s sectioned off is a glass box conference room. Which is awesome.

Here he is showing off the huge open plan space. It’s literally a sea of desks, chairs and computers...

(Picture: Facebook)

And nestled in the middle is his desk
(Picture: Facebook)

With a nice wooden logo he’s extremely proud of...

(Picture: Facebook)

And not-so-secret plans for a plane to beam internet for Facebook users...

(Picture: Facebook)

Then there’s the swanky conference room...

(Picture: Facebook)

Zuckerberg launched the live video on his Facebook page as a practice run for an upcoming speech.

First live video at Facebook HQ
Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, September 14, 2015

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