I Have No Regrets For Having A Relationship With Sir Shina Peters – Actress Clarion Chukwura

Clarion Chukwura commands all the senses of her audience both on stage and on the silver screen. In this interview with THISDAY’S Oge Ezeliora, Clarion Chukwura describes her love for her son, her continued friendship with Sir Shina Peters.


Your son – Clarence Peters – is one of the best and most expensive video producers in Nigeria. Tell us, how did you raise such a multi-talented son amidst controversies?

In anything you do give thanks to God; for he is good and his mercies endure forever. God raised him up, not me. Clarence is a child of destiny; so nobody can stop him. He is a special gift.  If it wasn’t like that then the purpose of God for his life wouldn’t have been actualised. His life would have been cut short somewhere along the line during the days of my struggle but God delivered me. My son is a blessing to me and everybody can testify to that. In fact, he is a blessing to the world. I don’t want to go into details because it is a long story.

I believe God just wants to console me with him, wipe away my tears and prove to the whole world that he is alive. God actually used my mother and other elders around me to save me, change my story and today we are being celebrated everywhere. I single-handedly raised my son from the scratch and I gave him the best training any responsible mother will give to her child. Clarence has always been a child of luck. In fact, most of the people he is working with today he grew up knowing them from the scratch. So, I am not surprised at his exploitation and success. Like I will always say, I have no regret for coming across his father, Shina Peters, in life. He is my friend and the father of my son. So, we are friends and as for my son’s upbringing God did it in his own time.

Are you saying he is not close to his father and his family?
That is not true. My son is very close to his father; they are always together. He is not in any way fighting his dad or any member of his father’s family. He relates with them like a brother and that is the best he can do for now. Anyone who says he is not close to them is a very big liar. Take that from me. I am his mother and we relate very well. There is no three days that Clarence and his father don’t talk on phone. They are always in talking terms. Remember, time heals wounds and everybody has moved on from the past.  So, I always advise him to forgive anyone that offends him. If you are a progressive person you will not dwell on the past. He is not dwelling in the past and that is why things are working out for him greatly. Today, he is successful and everybody is testifying to that. I believe God is in control. And I praise him for that.

What is it with marriage that you find repulsive?
No, I don’t find marriage repulsive; but, every day I learn from people who live with their husbands about what not to do when it comes to marriage. I think I’ve just learnt the bad things about marriage before the good ones. There is constant discouragement but I just know for a fact that when I find the right person I will definitely not think about it.  Marriage should be about finding the right person, finding your soul mate, not necessarily in receiving love.

You have experienced many failed marriages, what is your view about marriage, will you still settle down with a man someday?
Marriage is a very good thing I am telling you. For the fact that I am not living with a man today, does not mean I will not advise anybody not to get married. If you have tasted good marriage you will encourage people to go into it. But one thing I always know is that it’s only in Nigeria that when you get married and it doesn’t work it is held against you that something is wrong. And people lay all sorts of blames on the woman. Nobody cares whether what the man is doing is something wrong or good – even when they know that the man has got a very big problem. People still castigate the woman most especially if she is an actress or famous.  The clash of my marriages cannot be blamed on stardom.  I only wanted peace and that is why I am on my own. But I always advise people to get married.  If it doesn’t work for them let them remain single.

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